Monday, January 25, 2016

Prostate : Troublemaker

The Prostate. What a troublemaker! Another big issue for us guys as we age is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH); an enlarged prostate. The gland experiences two main growth periods: One in puberty when it doubles in size to begin providing the necessary fluids for ejaculation. The second begins around age 25 and, for most of us, it continues to grow - slowly, of course. Over time - by the time we hit our 60s or 70s - it can begin to cause issues with pissing. Most men, between ages 51 - 60, have BPH. By the time we hit our 80s, that increases to 90%.
The prostate presses down on the urethra cutting off the flow of urine. Over time, the wall of the bladder can weaken making it nigh on impossible to fully empty. Therefore, older men seem to always have to pee.
Such is life. And such is my own situation. I find myself needing to take a whizz more an more often. Heading out to run errands, to an activity like a movie or play, heading into meetings...these things become a matter of finding the nearest men's room beforehand. If I manage to make it through an entire film...well, the need to piss is reaching emergency "piss anywhere" status.
Over the weekend, I went out to a play. And, as is wont with men of all ages, cold air can have the effect: A sudden need to pee.

I got stuck parking on the topmost level of the parking structure, got out of my nice warm car and BAM! It hit me with full force. Making it to the men's room was out of the question. 
Faced with the choice of pissing on the floor of the garage or wetting my pants, well naturally...
A middle-aged couple were sitting in a nearby car. But, all I could do was shrug, run to a corner, rip open the buttons of my jeans, haul out my cock and let it rip.
It all makes me wonder if a study might show that regular Prostate Massage could slow the enlarging process...

But, really, as a man, I'm thankful I can piss anywhere if I need to.



AOM said...

When ya gotta go - ya gotta go - and NOW!!! Good info - Something we all need to keep an eye on as we age. You, Patrick and I sure do have a lot of fun together! : ) I hope all is well with you, bro. Have a bonerific day! Huggin' and Strokin' you in spirit, AOM

mistress maddie said...

I'm at the age now where I get a prostate exam every two to three years. I sort of don't look forward to it, as I have a crush on my doctor. Never fails, the ole fingers goes up and I pop a boner. I have no idea what he thinks. But the cold doesn't affect me yet.


At almost 82! And after two TURPS tells me about it! Thanks for your visits & comments, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

I am 70 years old and I have zeroo problem with my prostate.
Therefore, even if I hit my 80s, even if then that increases to 90%, multiplied by zero, it's not a lot.
Don't worry too much, in fact I have understood.
I send you a lot of bisous, darling, by wishing you a wondrous day.

SickoRicko said...

I can relate!

Jean WM said...

Well since I don't have a prostate, I don't have a problem either :-)

I do have a PROBLEM with the snow!! I'm heading to France and my flight has been cancelled again for the 3rd time!! Grrrr.
It would be interesting to know how American men fare with the aging prostate compared to other countries. Is French Patrick uncommon or not for a European man?

Fullmoonma said...

I'm 73 and pee frequently too. Never pass a men's room! But since the volumes aren't huge, I'm wondering if this is more a signaling error? It feels like a little pee gets released into my urethra and that sends the message to whip it out and pee. Maybe a leaky valve is involved? I'm not clear about the physiology. Is the only valve the "pee stopper"muscle that feels like it is inside the base of my cock behind my balls, or is there also a valve upstream?

I don't doubt that my prostate is squeezing my urethra, since the flow is not as robust as it once was, but it gets checked out annually by my MD, and she says it is OK.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Your doctor doesn't think anything of's very common to get a boner during a prostate exam. Even str8 dudes will experience at least a bit of a "fluffier" cock; it's a result of the pressure and manipulation of it during the exam, and the fact that it is the Male G Spot!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Hmmm. I wonder if there is a difference for European guys... Their diets, at least around the Med. Sea, are filled with anti-oxidants and it wouldn't surprise me if that lowers the risk for them, as opposed to men here; we do have a habit of filling our bellies with all kinds of fatty foods that clog up more than our arteries.

A French Patrick said...

@ whkattk & Jean
Please, don't deprive Jean of the pleasure, which is mine too, to be thinking that I am uncommon, if she want it. Isn't every human being unique? Why not me as well? As we say in French, the mold is broken. Jean, you, myself, we are all uncommon. And Jean, in a very good way.

Xersex said...

#12 #14 sexyiest guys!

hot guy of the day said...

LOL @ the dude pissing IN the car. xD