Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Long Road

Gosh, it's such a cold, cloudy, and dreary day. It's almost as if the day is mourning the loss. I kind of feel as if I grew up with the guy.
The Eagles were just hitting the airwaves big time when I was in the military. At any given time - especially if you had been assigned Guard Duty (such a ridiculous thing where we were). You could wander from floor to floor and hear the music coming from every corner of the building.
The Dayroom - where guys gathered to play cards, or pool, or watch TV - was another place the music would be blaring from during the evening hours...unless, of course someone insisted on actually hearing the program on the telly. Though, truthfully, nine times out of ten, at least one guy was lying on one of the couches or sitting in a chair jacking off.

When you live in such close quarters, you sort of get used to seeing naked bodies, boners, and guys whacking off.


For as short a time we're here, as one of my favorite Eagles songs says "it's a long road" through life. We should savor each and every moment we have. Slow down. Relax. Chill out. Spend some time with nature. And enjoy what it has given us.









Mark Greene said...

So many great artists are gone. And all around the same time.

Xersex said...

love the pics!!!


Great as ever! Soldiers, sailors or airmen, men in uniform are hot! Hugs, Patrick

A French Patrick said...

A guy has refused my sexual advances while we were listening to The Eagles.
Their fault, what else?
I was exempted from the military service.
Therefore, I do not feel a lot concerned, but the photos are beautiful.

I wish you a wondrous day, my darling, with a lot of bisous.

mistress maddie said...

I enjoy every minute of life....thats for sure. I couldn't imagine being in the service....my hats off to all who are. I probably never would survive it. I'm a lover not a fighter, lol!

Jean WM said...

At least the folks who have recently died were in later years vs many of their counterparts who never made it out of their twenties. War or drugs.

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

AOM said...

Beautiful tribute to Glenn. So many memories I have while the music of the Eagles played - their music is a big part of the playlist of my life. Totally agree - take time to relax and chill - enjoy and savor the moments. Wishing you a peaceful easy feelin' day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Alberto said...

El chico de lafoto 7, me recuerda un día a mi ompañero de habitación un fin de semana que habiamos estado de juerga. Estabamos hasta las trancas de birra. Mi amigo por añadidura más caliente que el hierro de una fragua. Yo no me enteré cuando me bajó y los antalones y me huntó el culo con la crema de la lata azul. Reaccioné cuando sentí el dolor que me produjo cuando me estiró el ojete al introducirme la polla, pero ya era tarde, sentí como me follaba con fuerza y sentí el csalor de su semen cuando se corrió en mi interior. Yo me habia corrido con él, así que no pude cabrearme demasiado. Al día siguiente le exigí en son de paz, follarle discrecionalmente en prueba de amistad.

Fermín said...

El chico de la foto 11 sentado en un banco. Me recuerda a un recluta que entró en mi cuartel, yo era ya veterano, así que tenia el privilegio de tener un ayuda. Elegí a aquel novato. Era una monada de chico, le trataba duramante, correazos y bofetones no le faltaban, para que supiera desde un principio quien mandaba. Lavaba mi ropa, limpiaba mi celda hacia la cama, etc. y lo mejor de todo atendia mis necesidades sexuales. Estaba sin estrenar así que me resultó delicioso abrirle el culo.

whkattk said...

@ Alberto (rough translation) - The boy in foto 7 reminds me a day to my room ompañero weekend we had been partying. We were to the bars of beer. My friend hotter than a forge iron boot. I did not hear me when I fell and antalones and I huntó ass with cream blue tin. I reacted when I felt the pain that produced me when I reached the eyelet to introduce cock, but it was too late, I felt like I fucked her hard and felt the csalor of their semen when he came inside me. I had run me away, so I could not piss me off too. The next day I demanded in peace, fuck him discretion in token of friendship.

whkattk said...

@ Fermin - (rough translation) - The guy in the photo 11 sitting on a bench. Reminds me of a recruit who came to my barracks, I was already a veteran, so I had the privilege of having help. I chose this rookie. It was a cute kid, he was duramante, he whips them and slaps did not lack, for I knew from the beginning who commanded. He washed my clothes, cleaned my cell to the bed, etc. and best of all my sexual needs catered. It was not so brand new that I found delicious open his ass.

Anonymous said...

El soldado tumbado de la foto 01, tiene un cuerpo muy hermoso fuerte y carnoso con buenos muslos y piernas. Me gustaria mordisquearle y pellizcarle cada rincón de su cuerpo antes de volverle y clavarle mi cipote.

whkattk said...

Anon (rough translation) - The soldier in photo 01 has a strong and very beautiful fleshy body with good thighs and legs. I would like to nibble and pinch every corner of his body before turning him over and stabbing him with my dick.