Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Remove Fear or Shame

Have you seen the new trailer for Dirty Grandpa, the film with DeNiro and Efron? (For some reason) They are in a situation where they are sharing a bed. Efron asks in a horrified tone, "Did you just get naked?" DeNiro answers, "It's the best way to sleep." Whereupon, Efron tucks the covers tightly around himself.
It's funny, but I take issue with the screenwriters. Now, granted I haven't watched the film, and the scene might continue with Grandpa imparting the information about breaking a boner. If that is indeed the case, I'll give them all due props - but something tells me that won't be the case. We all know about night-time boners, we should all know they can get trapped in clothing and break.
A busted boner is nothing to laugh about. The resultant scar tissue can leave you with a bend, and if severe enough could make any type of penetrative sex impossible, and even make jacking off difficult.

I was in the situation once to share a hotel bed with a friend. A group of us had traveled to see a friend's show. We tossed a coin; the ladies ended up sleeping on the floor and couch of the living room, while my buddy and I got the bedroom with it's single king-sized bed.
He watched me shuck my briefs and crawl under the sheet. He didn't say a word, but he got out of bed, dropped his briefs, and crawled in again.
We didn't engage in anything sexual. And there were no comments made about the morning boners, either - though we both certainly woke up with them and headed to the bathroom without hiding them.

Just because two men share a bed to sleep, doesn't mean they're going to engage in any sexual activity


That's the way it should be. Grown men - gay, straight, or bi - should be adult enough to share a bed. If you are secure enough in your masculinity, in your sexuality, being naked with another man in a non-sexual situation shouldn't be a problem. Years ago, it never seemed to be an issue.
So, what seems to be our problem now? My friend and I even shared the bathroom to provide time for the women to get showered and dressed.

These are the kind of things that all men should be knowledgeable enough about to remove any fear, or shame.


Xersex said...

love the pics!!!

Queer Heaven said...

Good post...but remember, there is also NO shame in sharing in a little sexing with your buddy. It does not mean you are gay..jut means you are horny.


Great advice as ever! Always wonderful photos! Thanks for your visits and comments! Lots of hugs, Patrick

We are supposed to have our hottest day so far this Summer: 36-38C!

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

whkattk said...

@ Queer Heaven - True enough!

Jean WM said...

We all slept with brothers or sisters growing up and most modern houses had one bath (some an extra half bath.) I am always amazed to hear folks talk about the horrors of their kids having to share a college room because it seems everybody growing up now needs a separate bed AND separate bedroom. Reason houses are getting huge here.

From reading Pat's comments I would think being in the military would be similar to college dorm. A lot of folks their first time living with a lot of people around.

Agree with Queer Heaven - consenting adults.

AOM said...

Absolutely! No fear or shame in being natural. Great pix and topic, bro. Wishing you a happy naked day full of boners and cum. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Oh, it there was much less privacy in the military: Open gang showers, no privacy panels between urinals, 40 men to a barracks room in most places. My first assignment was unique in that we were two men to a room to sleep (very much like college dorms); but still utilized gang "latrines" for showers and urinals, etc (unlike college dorms which have a full bath shared by two rooms).

hot guy with abs said...

That last dude, shaving one, he seems pretty handsome IMO! :)