Friday, January 22, 2016

Common (Boner) Knowledge

It's pretty much common knowledge that as a man ages things don't work quite the way they used to.
It takes longer to work up a decent boner,
and, once we've got it up, it takes almost constant stimulation (physical or visual) to keep it there.
So, then why would the folks who write, edit, and publish the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (which doctors use for treatment guidelines, and insurance companies use to qualify claims) establish stricter requirements for a diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunction (SD)? (Yes, this new term includes the Ladies.) The new "rules" now require at least 6 full months and occur always, or almost always, in sexual encounters.

Apparently masturbation does not count as a "sexual encounter."
And why would insurance companies use it for medical purposes? Oh, yeah...
According to the Dr.s Oz and Roizen, SD (well, ED, because, let's face it, the clitoris gets hard in the same manner a cock does) is (usually) a matter of poor circulation. Not enough blood gets to the area to get the cock fully hard 
Well, the good doctors care about your boner. Yes they do.
So, they recommend: Avoiding tobacco and managing stress. Taking those 10,000 steps per day.
Adopt a heart-healthy diet while adding things such as Olive Oil and fresh produce.
I would also add, as any decent urologist would, encouraging the blood flow with lots of direct stimulation to keep the tissues healthy.
Put that last suggestion into practice immediately,
and have a great weekend.




mistress maddie said...

I'll be sure to do some practicing this weekend.


You do likewise and have a great weekend too!

A French Patrick said...

I love your "Apparently masturbation does not count as a sexual encounter"!
Yes, I think so.
Even in front of a mirror.

But it is disputable (what is not disputable?) : "Know thyself" was the precept of the Delphic oracle which Socrates passed on to his followers, and we can think that the masturbation is a means to know oureself, at least partially, and therefore a means to meet ouself.

I send you a lot of bisous by wishing you a wondrous weekend, my darling.

SickoRicko said...

I can't believe masturbation isn't considered a sexual encounter!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Yes, mon ami, masturbation is a means of knowing ourselves, and the perfect reason is that the better we know ourselves, the better we will be with a partner! Bisou!

whkattk said...

@ Rick - Many people do not consider masturbation a sexual fact many physicians will inquire during an exam for ED if there is difficulty with sex, is there also difficulty with masturbation? It's also my own opinion - expressed to my wife - that jacking off is not a sexual encounter - jacking off with a buddy, or even a group of guys, isn't a sexual encounter; more so they are sexual activities, but mot encounters. Blow jobs, frot, fucking...yeah, I consider those encounters.