Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Naked & Back to Basics

Winter is remaining quite dreary around here. Clouds, small sporadic sprinkles of rain, and wind. It gets tedious after a while. Makes me long for being naked under clear skies with the sun warming my body, and light breezes keeping me cool.
 There's something about lounging naked in the sun that rejuvenates me.








 As if I'm waking from a long sleep.


 Encouraged to get back to basics

and enjoy life.



Xersex said...

I love summer because men are less clothered!

Lucy said...

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AOM said...

I feel it too, brother! I yearn for warm days to get outdoors naked and have lovely wanks in the sun. I suggest we all move to a South Pacific island so we can be naked outside every day of the year! : ) Gilligan's Island sound very good right now! : ) I wish you a gorgeous jizztastic day! Hug, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Fabulous post with hot men in the sun and water! Jerry and I are going to Palm Springs at the end of February for a much-needed week naked in the sun. I hope you are well.

Patrick said...

We were just about washed away here yesterday! The first big storm of the season. Great selection of man-flesh! Thanks!

Erick said...

We all LOVE lounging naked in the hot sun, but we also love the seasons and lounging naked by the fire to keep warm

French Patrick said...

I agree, we should hibernate when it is cold and we should romp about the rest of the year.
Love, hugs and bisous, Jean and Pat.

Gabriel said...

I love nude beaches and agree that naked outdoors is a great way to recharge. Anyone up for a naked pool party??

coast wanker said...

come to south and you'll enjoy

Mark Greene said...

# 5 is a delicious treat ! I would never get off my knees !

# 12 I'm loving the hair oh so studly !

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whkattk said...

@ Gabriel - Bro, I am so in!!!

mydoll said...

Men in those pics look so fit, great!