Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Bit of Wood

Speaking of pissing... Went to a show the other night; a small (150 seat) but full house. The venue has one men's restroom, which was out of order, and one women's (single stall). The line  stretched down the hall as everyone waited. One man in the middle of the line decided he couldn't wait..."Well, here's to parking lots!" and he walked out. A number of us guys followed to female voices: "Gross." "That's disgusting." Even a "Neanderthals." I shrugged, "The advantage of being a man." LOL.


Had the Ultrsound done on my balls yesterday.

A woman this time. I could tell by her demeanor that she was not happy about having to do it. Curt, almost to the point of rude. After inquiring about the issues, she had me pull my cock up against my abs...
OK, not a problem. I removed my hand from under the towel. "No, you have to hold onto it."
Then she made me cross my legs at the ankles so my balls were pushed up between my thighs, "I don't want anything moving."
I think she just wanted to ensure I didn't pop wood.

She needn't have worried, she had me cringing in pain several times. Gentle she was not. Ah, the disadvantage of being a man. Now I know what my wife feels like during her Mammograms. It would've been impossible to cover the varicoceles with the way she had me positioned. Not to mention, she didn't do the perineum at all.
I have a suspicion I'll be going in for another Ultrasound before we can get anything resolved.

But, if I have to do it over, the next time I'll insist on a male technician who isn't so damn skittish about the possibility of a bit of wood developing.
What's a boner between a medical professional and a patient, anyway?


SickoRicko said...

Too bad the tech had such a problem with her job. I hope you don't have to repeat the procedure.

mistress maddie said...

Boner between patient and doctor? Well apparently mine doesn't care.

Xersex said...

love being a man also for this reason!

Patrick said...

Sorry that this did not go better! I've had two: one with a guy & one with a woman. Both went very well. Neither seemed in any way uncomfortable about what they were doing. Trust you have a good weekend.

French Patrick said...

Poor woman! So, she have not been warned that there are patients who have a cock and balls? It is true that this can be surprising when we see that for the first time when we go out of the convent. But not when we studied medicine. The most important is that she made what she had to do, glad or not. After all, she has not betrayed her Hippocratic Oath. But above all, is it not true that the patients of both sexes prefer to have anything to do with doctors belonging to their own sex. Including as regards the homophobes, their inbred complexes that they name modesty being stronger than their racist prejudices. Patients and doctors, doctors and patients, this works both ways. Set apart some exceptions, as usual.
Simply put, the only thing that matters is that she treats and heals you at best.
LOve, Jean and Pat.