Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We Love the Sight

A lot of comments to yesterday's post. Thank you all for contributing to the conversation. On an old Bulletin Board (remember those?), a straight guy asked why men joined jack-off clubs (beside the safe-sex connotations). Through the thread, many men expressed the fact they loved to see another man enjoy his cock, but the part they enjoyed the most was watching the other guys cum.
The straight guy, of course, said he found that disgusting. Then someone suggested to him that he just may be lying to himself if he didn't find the sight arousing - and cited the "money shot" in all porn.

That straight dude came back with, "Yes, we find it arousing, because we imagine it's us. We know how good it feels and we imagine it's our own cock shooting."
One comment yesterday explained how his group of buddies gathers the 1st of each month for a group masturbation, and how they all encourage one another, enjoy watching (and hearing) the pleasure of the other guys as they stroke their cocks, or each others'. Cumming is the culmination and seeing everyone shoot at once, or witnessing an especially large volume or velocity, is exciting.


Steve goes one further and takes us all the way back through anthropologic reasoning. And, I love that. I love reaching back into the history of sexuality; the evolution of it all.
But, whatever the reason, there is no doubt about it. Man or woman, regardless of how we self-identify, it seems we love the sight.


And, maybe, particularly if we are the one providing such pleasure



AOM said...

Very thoughtful post - I love thinking about the reasons behind why we enjoy certain things like watching other guys ejaculate. It is such a blissful pleasure to cum that we partake in that joy while just watching other guys cum. Like watching acts of kindness. Studies show that just watching acts of kindness releases oxytocin in our systems. Perhaps there is a correlation. Whatever it is, we do love to watch us shoot. I hope you are well and having fun, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Xersex said...

I prefer add a blowjob to masturbation!

Patrick said...

So pleased that you had such a good response. Another great post!

Anonymous said...

We all enjoy someone else's pleasure, especially if we're responsible! Sometimes it can be a relief all is working! Hugs and love to Pat & French Patrick. JM

French Patrick said...

From how many participants it stops being a sight to become a landscape?
Love, hugs and bisous, Pat and Jean.

mistress maddie said...

If anyone ever has a jack off night, no need to ask me, just tell me the time!!!!!

SickoRicko said...

Very hot GIFs today!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I'd think when it becomes a "cum bath." LOL. Hugs et bisous!

French Patrick said...

@ whkattk
I'd think that when it becomes a "cum bath", above a certain level, there is no sight nor landscape since we are blinded by the sperm drowning our eyes.
And even with swimming goggles, it wouldn't be a lot better, the liquid being too opaque.
Have a great weekend and many bisous, Jean (in spite of the very bad weather) and Pat.