Thursday, January 24, 2019

Being Reminded

I love the answers to yesterday's posed question. In particular those from two of my Faithful Readers, Jean and Xersex.
Jean said, "Porn without hate, fear, abuse. .... Pat does a great job teaching us, I like the teachable moments."
Xersex said, "...For me it was a sexual education even before having real sex."
Education and teachable moments. Thank you. I hope that's what I accomplish here, though I don't manage it with each and every post.
While I was in FL with my brother, we didn't worry about being naked and we have both been to nude beaches and stuff. He, however, apparently, needed a bit of educating himself. At 70-years old, that came as a bit of a surprise to me.

He and his family belong to a nudist resort; he even works the front desk at times. Nudist/naturist beaches and resorts are not about sex. They're places to relax free from restrictive clothing. Problems arise, he says, from young guys buying Day Passes. He said they have a tendency to run around waving their wood and he has to tell them to leave. 

My response, of course, was "Hey, they can't control that." He argued. "No, I said, cocks have a mind of their own. But, the guys could adhere to the etiquette of nude beaches and drape a towel over the boner, or lie on their stomach, until the thing softens up." He looked at me for a brief moment, then agreed.

I don't think that was as much a teachable moment as being reminded of what it was like to be young, healthy, and horny. Wood happens.


Xersex said...

the question is how to use an instrument, in this case of pleasure. The same thing can be useful or harmful. An example: a knife can be used to kill or cut a cake and offer a slice to a friend.

SickoRicko said...

You consistently have great posts!

This Old Nan said...

Thanks for your visits and comments again! Agree stiffies happen when they feel like it! Well! they used to!!!??!!

mistress maddie said...

I love when I go to the Woods Campground. Or even Philly Jacks. No labels, all types of guys, different sizes of cock and builds of all kind. No one cares. It's very cool.

Anonymous said...

My lst experience in a nude public park was at the Englischer garten Park in Munich at age 32. It was a very hot day, & hordes of people, mostly a youngish crowd, were there. I got an instant boner inside my (I think) gym shorts. I probably also had a shirt on. It would not relent, so I went to a remote area & "relieved" myself. At the hostel that night about 2:30 a.m, i got to thinking about all I'd seen & had to go to the bathrm. for another session. My roommate undressed, jumped under the sheet nude, & went right to sleep! I've never been so lucky. A couple of days later I returned to the park (still quite hot & sunny) & went to an area less populated, but there was a guy lying nude on the grass across the flowing, cold stream. I took off my clothes for the lst time in public, & jumped in to enjoy the cold water. As I had no problems with a boner, I would suggest that with these young guys it could be the initial shock of seeing a bunch of nude people for the lst time. Ten yrs. later I visited at least 3 nude beaches in the Greek Isles, with a good # of people but not overcrowded, & had no problems. Of course, I was 10 yrs. older! I don't recall seeing any boners at the Englischer Garten. I do recall seeing one guy rubbing another's crotch (they had shorts on) at a Greek beach. Once you realize it's normal & no one else is paying you any attention, or cares, wood subsides. Your bro. should tell them to find a private place to jerk off lst, then leave if that doesn't work. It worked for me! - Wayne

Anonymous said...

Every man has a hardon so what? today at the gym suddenly I had a boner and I don't care.