Monday, January 24, 2011

Public Boners

I was checking the stats on the blog and found it interesting that the most popular post (so far) is the one on embarrassing boners. Guess it’s a pretty common thing among us. Our cocks will harden in an instant and they don’t seem to care who’s around. Popping boners in full view of the public... Well, it happens.
I think I’ve certainly had my share of them, from high locker rooms and showers to the local gyms I’ve belonged to. Certainly, the worst would have to be the one the Urologist gave me and ended up milk-stroking to make me cum and the one the tech gave me during the sonogram that I had to relieve before I could get my briefs on. Which was the worst of the worst, don’t think I could choose.
Though I’ve gotten better about it over the years, I always envied dudes who could walk around a locker room, or stand in a gang shower soaping up the old dong, get hard as a steel I-beam and not give a shit who noticed. ‘Cause try as I may, I was always embarrassed if my cock got even sort of hard. Being ashamed of my parts functioning normally was something I’ve worked at overcoming.
The last pole I popped in public was on a cruise. The crew was naked the whole time and so were most of the passengers. Anyway, this was a fairly small two-masted yacht. The Captain said we could use the head if we had to shit, but no pissing was allowed down there. If you had to take a whizz, you stood on the rail of the stern and let ‘er rip. Of course at one point or another, you gotta take a leak. The bladder can only get so full before it threatens to burst inside your body.

A small group of us had been sitting on deck bullshitting and comparing porn collections. I got a bit of a hard-on, but didn’t worry about it because the other 4 guys had semi’s going as well. I stood up and walked to the rail, got up on it and hung on to a rope line with both hands to keep from falling overboard. With both hands occupied, all I could do for any kind of aim was thrust my hips forward so I could be sure my dick was hanging beyond the back of the boat – I mean, how embarrassing would it be to have to tell a crew member I’d pissed all over the deck and stern rail?
It’s not easy to take a piss in this position; posed naked on the back of a boat. The exhibitionist in me went for the gold and my cock pointed to the few clouds dotting the sky over the Carribean. The more I pushed and strained the more my cock just throbbed upward. So, I’m standing there, holding on for dear life, my stiffy bobbing along with the waves, and finally, finally! I get a stream going. The arc of it is huge because of my hard-on and, with my head leaned back and my eyes shut, I’m really beginning to feel the relief when I hear a horn blast. Another sailboat comes sliding by, all the folks on it waving at me! Well, you’d have thought my dick would wilt right then and there, wouldn’t you? Nope, not a chance. What could I do? I dared to take one hand off the rope line and waved back and gave them all a big, valiant smile.
When my stream slowed to a dribble I shook and squeezed the last of it out and jumped back down to the deck. I turned around and there’s one of the cute, studly crew members standing behind me waiting his turn. Again, my cheeks turned hot with embarrassment. I said, “Damn, I gotta say, that’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.” I immediately thought Dumb-ass, nice choice of words.
The kid smiled, looked at my roaring hard dick, gave it a little tap with his right hand and said, “I can see that.” Then he laughed, hopped up on the rail and whizzed like it was nothin’.
I did get a lot of compliments and attention from the guys when I returned to the circle though.


Anonymous said...

I love the dicks so nice and strong i wanna suck on them right now call me later

gbrlbastian said...

I'm dying to know what cruise line you were on where everyone was naked.