Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Balls. Beautiful balls.

No, I haven’t lost track of time; I’m not confused thinking it’s Buddy Ball Check Day already.

A reader sent this suggestion. And I thought it was a good one, because maybe – just maybe – if you guys realize how much fun you can have with these funny little spheres, you’ll appreciate them more.

My nuts are small and never did produce any useful swimmers (due to childhood illnesses). And they’re almost always riding high, trying to pull themselves up into the inguinal canal (particularly when I cum), which is a bit painful and makes them ache like a mo’ fo. My doctor has been trying to find a urologist who will agree to remove them and give me some decent-sized implants; so far no luck. I get stares when I’m anywhere naked and I’ve even had a couple guys ask me what happened, why I don’t have any balls. I have to tell them, “Oh they’re there. They’re tiny and tight, but they’re there.” A couple of times I’ve yanked ‘em back down into view to prove it.

But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them. Add that ache to the ache we guys get when our baby-batter factories are telling us it’s time to empty them and… well.

I love playing with mine. Pocket Pool is one of my favorite past-times (okay, sometimes I’m just trying to dig them out and pull them back down). If I’m spending the day working up that big load of cum, I can shove a hand between my legs and squeeze and massage and tap, sending wonderful vibrations through them. Those vibrations always register in the head of my prick. When I’m lying on my bed or on the floor, legs spread wide, with my cock pointing at the ceiling, it feels awesome to bounce my man-berries with a couple of fingers while my other hand is sliding up and down that rigid rod.

If I’m standing in the shower and I’ve got them all nice and warm and dangling low, it feels really good to swing them back and forth, or lift them up, let go and feel them drop and bounce against my legs. Soaping them up and squeezing and massaging, creates the most wonderful sensations.

And, Ladies…This is why men complain, in anonymous polls or to each other, that women don’t pay enough attention to their balls when they’re giving us that hand job or blow job.

If I’ve got a buddy along for a good stroke session, it feels so good to have him play with my nuts. If I can get him to lick them and suck on them, it’s a huge bonus!

But for as much as we enjoy having someone play with them, we seem to get caught up in that ‘death grip’ ourselves when we jack off, rubbing our cocks raw; we forget about the boys and how much pleasure they can give.

So, here’s an assignment. Oh, don’t complain – they’re always fun, you guys always enjoy them in the end, don’t you?

The next time you kick back to stroke your stiff stick, or you get with a buddy to whack off together, pay more attention to The Boys. Bounce them, swing them, massage them; like Tom Green’s lyrics for The Ball Song, squeeze your balls, tease your balls. Make them feel good. Enjoy the heaviness in them for a while before you blast out that load of cum.

And all you Ladies out there – don’t wait for your guy to ask because chances are he won’t. Don’t make him ask (unless we’ve got a bit of good old-fashioned domination going on) – play with his nuts.

But, on the other hand, all you straight guys out there – if your lady isn’t paying enough attention, she’s not bouncing your balls at all, tell her how good it would feel, how much you like having your balls played with.
That seems to be another problem we men have…We don’t express what we like, what feels good; we don’t ask for what we want. But that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, jiggle them and enjoy them! Your boys will appreciate it and reward you for it.


Queer Heaven said...

I really love my balls! I do! Have you ever sucked them up in a vacuum cleaner? Hot, hot and hot!


Have been blessed with two big balls, which hang low in my sac. Love to play with them, have others suck them.

CoreyJo said...

I love playing with the sailors balls. I'll just put my face right there and nuzzle, lick, suck, roll, and whatever else comes to mind. He really loves it when I put them both in my mouth. It's a tight fit, but soo good too. Mmmmm...I love balls!!


Anonymous said...

Very horny! I awakened at 4 AM here in Central Mexico and devowered your great pictures and accompaning dialoge. Ready to go back to bed and sleep until 7AM, but will probably play with a juicey 9 incher first! I was looking for butt munchers, but I've had enough with your blog!Thanks a million. Keep it coming, dude.

Johnsonysmk said...

Have been blessed with two big balls, which hang low in my sac. Love to play with them, have others suck them.