Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

This lovely gentleman is courtesy of CoreyJo at Corey's Dark Corner

Just a quick one to say Happy Thanksgiving to all - even if you're "across the pond." Give thanks for wood wherever or whenever it happens!


Queer Heaven said...

I'm always thankful for wood! There is no other feeling like walking around with stiff wood as your balls swing free.

CoreyJo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Whkattk

I'm always thankful for wood. It does a body good! I'm also thankful to/for you. You've been a wonderful friend, and you've helped add spice back into my life with Sailor Sam ;)

I wish you many laughs and lots of love this holiday weekend.


Westernstock said...

Those cocks sure give us plenty to be thankful for. Have a great time!