Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boners and Prostates

It’s amazing how everything works in tandem and cums together in the end, isn’t it? Well, there are so many things down there that need to work together for a successful blast of our pocket-rockets, one wonders why more things don’t misfire or go wrong.

And so it is when man hears the urologist tell him the offending part needs to come out, you can witness the ashen shade when the blood drains from his face, the stricken expression as he realizes this doctor is suggesting taking his favorite toy away; only one word can describe this: Heartbreaking!

Our lives are so tied to our little logs we can’t envision life without being able to derive the pleasure of/from its company. And they do keep us company, make no mistake about it.
No one-eyed monster standing up to greet us in the morning – we feel as if we’ve lost our best friend; like we’re little boys again and someone killed our puppy!

(But, wearing underwear to bed is a big no-no!!)

This is why surgeons have been working diligently to “spare the nerve bundle” when the prostate must be removed. It’s this nerve bundle which sends a signal to the brain to clamp off the blood flow out of the penis, to close the little valve so to speak, so it gets hard. Without that signal our little buddies can’t stand up for anything. It’s frustrating and emasculating.

There are things men can do to regain some enjoyment though. Can you cum without a complete, full, hard-on? Yes. It may not feel as good, but it will relieve the sensation of those overloaded nuts. Remember, you haven’t lost any of the sensation, anywhere, in your cock, you’ve just lost the key that locks and unlocks the tumescence tumbler.

Contrary to what most people think, penis pumps were originally designed to assist men with ED, not for enlargement. A metal constrictor ring, or cock ring, (also originally designed for this purpose) is placed around the base of the shaft, the vacuum pump cylinder is slid down over the penis to draw blood into the cavernosa, and the cock ring blocks the blood from beating a hasty retreat. Once the desired rigidity is reached, the pump is removed and voila! An honest-to-God hard-on! (A word of caution with this method: Never keep a cock ring like this (one that encircles only the base of the shaft) in place for more than 30 minutes! You can do irreparable damage to your dick.)

Of course, you could always opt for an implant. There are a variety of types: semi-rigid, rigid (a constant hard-on), or the pump-up type (a valve and squeeze bulb are placed in the scrotum or lower abdomen for inflation/deflation).
A "death grip" to the base of the shaft increases rigidity.

You can also opt for the “death grip.” This isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, but it works. Use the thumb and finger of one hand to pinch off the outflow of blood and, when you get hard enough, encircle the base of the shaft with a really tight “OK” sign and stroke with the other hand – or thrust into your favorite toy. You can also flex those anchor muscles (there’re those Kegels we’ve talked about again!) and use your fingers to put pressure on the perineum to help harden that rod.
So does pressing against the perineum.

And pushing against the spot where the prostate was will increase the hardness of your hard-on.

I think someday, in the not-too-distant future, some engineer somewhere will conspire with a urologist and they’ll come up with a little clamp or an electrode to get men back in the saddle after prostate removal. Until then, learn to employ other things to get Dickie doing his tricks again. Because you still have a cock, you still get horny, and you can enjoy yourself and do something about those achy balls.



Lots of good advice! I find that VIAGRA really helps me get a really rigid hard-on. These photos also help!

Amanda said...

As an engineer, I will personally start working on said device. I have to find a urologist to help me though. I have a friend who is a Bio major, but she's more interested in genetics (or, prevention of prostate problems if she finds herself interested in such a subject).

CoreyJo said...

Wonderful advice, and great ideas for the future. I only hope that those men out there who do need assistance in getting a hard on, have the courage to do what needs to be done to obtain one, and that their partner, male or female, understand and are supportive of them.


@ LORDPATRICK→ You're a Rock Star baby!

whkattk said...

@Amanda - Get working, girl! You could make meny, meny men (not to mention women!) very, very happy and they'd be eternally grateful.

whkattk said...

@CoreyJo - I add my hopes to yours... it's impossible to put into words what a guy's hard-on means to him. Never-the-less, I'm going to try over the next few posts.

Amanda said...

Hey, on the subject of prostates, I've got something I found for you, whkattk--it combines swinging free (kilts) and support for prostate and testicular cancers research (on a breast cancer-sized scale, at least if enough people are made aware of it):

I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find even more.

"Let Freedom Swing"