Thursday, November 10, 2011

Persistent Little Buggers

My pecker never lets me forget it’s there. Sometimes it gets quite persistent. Ignore it? I think not; I can’t. It's in charge and my hands are tied!

The past few days have been… well… I mean…My cock has just been insufferable in its demand for attention. Not that it’s been ignored; I’ve given it plenty, that’s for sure.

But no matter how many times I’ve blown out a good load of baby-batter, my nuts still feel like they’re hanging halfway to the ground; they have a ‘heaviness’ about them, an ache that just doesn’t seem to want to leave.

I’ve jacked off dozens of times. Used that morning boner until it blasted its marrow all over my torso; pounded my pud in the kitchen until I could’ve creamed an entire pot of coffee; whacked my willy in the shower until it lathered itself with lotion. I stroked my stiffy in front of the computer. I’ve stroked it outside after taking a leak.

I’ve cum and cum and cum; spewed, sprayed, splattered, and splashed. I’ve cum so much in the last five days, you’d think I’d need a month’s vacation from jacking off just to build up a decent load of jizz. And still my cock gets hard in an instant, boners right up with no notice. I’ve spent so much time playing with my cock and massaging my nuts nothing else has gotten done. I’ve thoroughly soaked every cum rag I own and it still doesn’t seem to be enough. All I want to do is jack off, follow that up by jacking off again…and jack off again.

This is a case of Horney’s I haven’t experienced in a long, long time. I kinda like it, it’s been fun. This is what my dick felt like when I was a teenager: constantly hard, constantly leaking pre-cum, constantly wanting to be relieved. But, oddly enough – just like I did back then –

 I kinda wish it would behave itself. Just for a little while. Just long enough for me to concentrate on a few chores that I need to accomplish.

So forgive us, ladies, if we’ve wandered off to the man cave to have another go at it. We just can’t help it. There can’t be a male alive, over the age of twelve, who can’t relate to this situation; those times we’ve wondered if our peckers will fall off, we’ve used them and abused them so much. But, that’s the relationship between a man and his cock. It’s a constant battle for supremacy.

What’s a General to do? After all, we’ve given it the old military try. We’ve shouted commands and those little pricks didn’t listen, did they? They stand up and salute anyway. They demand to go to the front line and loose that ammunition.

Maybe we should just give up and enjoy our privates without guilt. We may as well wave the cum rag of surrender. Because, evidently, guys, we’re losing this war.


Queer Heaven said...

I am happy to loose this war as often as it takes each day!

Anonymous said...

i wanna be a LOSER too. :)

Anonymous said...

great account of one absolutely fun day filled with exctasy. and the pix are great too. thanks

Rubio said...

great post.

Westernstock said...

Great to see so many pics of guys jacking off and some lovely cum soaked torsos.

CoreyJo said...

Oh baby! Sailor Sam gets that way all the time. I do what I can for him, but after a while he's on his own! A girl needs her beauty sleep after all!

Great photos, and I hope it lasts!