Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, did you hear the one about the gay penguins?

Seriously, did you hear about this? Poor Buddy and Pedro, are being separated; their love affair being forced to an end. They were part of the Toledo, Ohio Zoo and sent to the Toronto, Canada Zoo.

Poor guys. Penguins typically “mate” for life. Once they find a partner, they stick together; behavior exhibited by these two. Buddy and Pedro, who were both raised in captivity, “…pair together every night, “bray” at one another, groom each other, and never seem to tire of standing alongside each other,” the Toronto Star reported.

But, now, they are being torn apart in hopes they will breed with females to increase the population (they are African penguins – an endangered subspecies).

As sad as this is, it’ll be interesting to see how these two fare. I see them dying of loneliness and broken hearts. But I hope I’m wrong. I hope they find new boyfriends – maybe a couple of bisexual penguins will be moved to care for them.

But the real question that pops into my head is: Doesn’t this prove that homosexuality is not a choice? I mean, here we have the religious-right touting that it’s nurture and environment, that “gay” is made not born.

So, I’d like to ask those right-wing nut-jobs another question: What penguin in the Toledo Zoo recruited these two and taught them this behavior? This heavily Republican state had best find the culprit and put an end to his lobbying efforts to increase the gay penguin community!

All joking aside, same-sex attraction takes place in nature for more than 1500 animals. It’s been observed in primates, dolphins, other mammals (mostly herd animals, like lions), and birds (4 to 5% of the goose and duck populations are homosexual relationships). One would hope this would be a lesson to all religions and societies to put a stop to antigay movements and accept nature, but they continue to deny its existence.

We’re sentient beings, meaning we are aware of our own mortality. But we are also sexual beings. It would stand to reason that if same-gender attraction happens in other species it would happen with homosapiens.

Does jacking off with a few buddies instantly make you gay? No. Not any more than for other species (dolphins, whales, primates) who go with females during mating season and have lots of sex with the guys in between.

(And you all wondered how I was going to move this post into the realm of whacking off! LOL.)

Does having a good, long wank of the willy with your buddies instantly mean you’ve got no interest in your wife/girlfriend/significant other? Or that you no longer love that person? No. Not any more than the male lions who engage in sex with one another as a means to strengthen the bond of the pride.

So, see, ladies, for us straight and bi guys, just as happens in other species, it truly is a bonding thing. It strengthens us and makes us better.

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