Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Break Time

Well, folks, I'm heading out of town in the morning. My mom will be celebrating her 90th birthday and has paid for the air fare so I can be a part of the celebrations. I hope she makes it long past her 90th. As you may recall, my dad died a couple months after his 90th. But, my mom - damn! I should be in as good of shape as she is. The woman is legally blind, still does all of her own cooking, cleaning, laundry, and walks a couple miles every day to boot!

I probably won't be posting while I'm gone. If things work out well, I'll get to do a bit of skinny-dipping with my brother in the Gulf!

In my abscence, you all know what to do, right?

Chill out.

Pop some good wood.

Stroke it and enjoy it.

Cum lots.

To keep it healthy and strong!

I'll see you all in about a week.


Westernstock said...

cum back soon!

becca said...

safe travels and happy birthday to your mom

CoreyJo said...

Safe Travels Hon.

Enjoy some sunshine for me! And tell your Mom Happy Birthday! What a woman! I only hope I can be that strong and independent at her age.


NTS said...

Have a great time.

Eddie said...

Hopin you'll still be whackin it at 90!


Have a great time with you mum! Another hot post!