Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learn Something New

A message from a reader gave me pause to feel as if I’m accomplishing something here. He initially wrote to inform me he’d scheduled his first-ever jack off group because the blog had inspired him. As I’ve said many times, these gatherings are a way to teach and to learn; it gives comfort in so many ways. A good group stroke is so much more than getting your rocks off together. The host invited a mix of orientations, too. That in itself was a very intelligent thing to do – because often it is those who most need the lessons in comraderie and brotherhood who get left out (i.e., all you straight dudes).

See, it’s the straight guys who most often sit at home, horny and rejected by their spouses/significant others, and are made to feel there is something wrong with them because they’re horny and take matters into their own hands. They’ve been made to think of jacking off as less than acceptable. They’re ridiculed for doing what is perfectly normal and healthy. With 3.1 billion people in the world and (an average) 49% being men, chances are there are approximately 15 million men jerking off right at this very moment in time.

The more men acknowledge they indulge, the more they are willing to share in that experience with one another, the more comfortable they become in being men. And, just for posterity’s sake, let me reiterate for you straight dudes out there: Whacking off with a group, even lending one another a hand, does not mean you’re ‘gay.’

The other thing he did to impress: he planned to start out with all the guys getting things rolling with a Buddy Ball Check. But, as usual, I digress. Sorry.

He followed up by saying one of the straight dudes who came (and came!) taught everyone something. The Vinegar Shot. Now, I have to admit, I’m familiar with the event, but had never heard it called that.

My reader put it best:  It’s that special moment when you’re building up to cum and you move at the wrong time, or mis-stroke, or mis-time, and you get that useless little ejaculation without any real sensation or orgasm. And the guy called it the Vinegar Shot because of the face a man makes when it happens – like he’s just gotten a mouthful of vinegar when he was expecting honey.

Yep, folks, it happens. Not only does it happen, but some guys (who are master edgers) bring this about on purpose and do it over and over again. It relieves just enough of the pressure to keep on going; to keep the cock stroke-solid until they’re so lost in it, the conscious brain gives over to the sensations, and a massive (and I do mean massive), exquisite, explosion of cum blasts free. These are the cum shots that go on forever, the loads you drench yourself (or your partner) in, the pools of jizz you bask in, the ones you won’t soon forget, and, in fact, strive to recreate.



Congratulations! You are certainly inspiring other to take things into their own and others hands!!!! Another great post of hot men doing what cums naturally.

whkattk said...

Thank you, Sir Patrick!