Thursday, February 9, 2012

Get a Grip On It

An email exchange with a faithful reader brought up an interesting point. That is, men – and straight men in particular – don’t find it easy to discuss their apparatus. They may be quick with the joke, but any type of serious discussion is avoided. Most guys don’t even like talking to their doctors when it comes to any issue dealing with Mini Me.

This is a damn shame and an ailment that needs to be cured. Guys, admit it, we avoid any real discussion of cock with our buddies because we’re afraid of what they’ll think. We don’t discuss dicks or balls with the women in our lives because…well, because we think they just wouldn’t understand. (And, in most cases, unless you are as lucky as CoreyJo’s sailor, we’d be correct.) We don’t quite understand all the ‘female’ stuff, so why would they understand the sensation of our balls dragging on the ground because we haven’t gotten off in a couple of days, is how our minds work. Am I right?

Which brings us where? Nowhere. A dead fuckin’ end. Unless we man up and get comfortable broaching these things with other guys. We really do need to get over that fear. Who else, but another man, is going to be able to understand and sympathize with us? Be he gay, straight, or bi the guy standing next to you! He knows what you go through in dealing with an unruly pecker that has the audacity and temerity to bone up in an instant; knows the pain of blue balls; understands the difficulty in taking a whizz through that morning wood. Chances are he may have the answer to a situation you may be facing with your equipment.

Say your foreskin seems to be tightening up and you don’t want to head to the doc because ‘it’s just not that much of a problem right now.’ Some dude you’ve been hanging out with, slamming back brews, just may have the answer for you. You don’t know he dealt with this issue. He doesn’t know you’re trying to deal with this issue. Why? Because you’ve been afraid to talk about your cocks!

Come on, guys! Get a grip. Get it out in the open. You’ve got one. You love it (go on, you can admit it, it’s okay – actually we’d think you were a little weird if you didn’t!) you know you do. Your buddies all have one. They love them (of course they do!). Embrace the fact, acknowledge the fact, and open up to one another. It’s perfectly fine to admit you wake up with a boner; they do as well. You can cop to how tough it is to take a piss when your cock is hard. You can admit your prick gets hard numerous times a day; it happens to them. It’s okay to admit how often you jack off and, by God! you enjoy it. Because it feels so good when you cum and drench yourself in your own jizz. Why is it okay to do that? Because they do too!

Communication, boys, communication. The ladies talk and share info with one another all the time. We should catch up. We’ve got each other to go to, to lean on, to confide in, to teach, to learn. Your brothers need you and you need your brothers. Get busy. Talk to your buddies, get naked and get comfortable in your skin. If you pop wood, who cares? Maybe you can just enjoy being guys together.


becca said...

hubby is man of few words no matter how many times i try to talk to him he simply turns his head and ignores me. kind of fustrating to the point i worry about when our son starts to ask questions how will he deal.

whkattk said...

@ becca - That's a shame, becca. Perhaps he's one of the guys who needs to become more comfortable in being male. Hope he'll be able to be open, honest, and forthright with your son about teaching him how to use it and care for it to keep things healthy.


Well, the guys in these hot photos are certainly not shy about their cocks!

whkattk said...

@ Lord Patrick - No sir, they aren't are they? And we're thankful for that! ;-)

Amanda said...

You're talking about males talking to males...but how should I broach the topic with my little brother? Not to get too personal with him, just so he understands that I'm here for him when he starts experiencing things like hard ons and such, because my father is definitely not the type of person that will be comfortable talking to him about it. And I get the feeling he would be too embarrassed to ask Mom.

whkattk said...

@ Amanda - Really, it's not much different. No matter how old he is right now, he's already getting hard-ons; he just hasn't experienced pleasure from them as yet. If you know for certain your father isn't going to talk to him - and you're right, he most likely will not ask his mother what's going on - then you should make sure he knows you are there and he can come to to at any time.
All you need to do is tell him, "Hey little brother, if there's anything you want or need to talk about, you know you can ask me, right? Doesn't matter what it is, you don't need to be afraid or ashamed or embarrassed to ask me. I'll understand and I'll answer honestly, openly, and I will never make fun of you or think less of you for asking."
Then over time, reinforce that - remind him he's got someone he can ask questions and get straight-forward answers.

Amanda said...

Okey dokey. Thank you. (: