Monday, February 20, 2012

Staying Power

In a lot of studies it’s been noted that men spend approximately 20 to 30 minutes in any given sexual activity, going from limp to shoot, with about an average of eight to eleven minutes of direct thrusting or stroking stimulation.

While I encourage discovering and enjoying other erogenous zones of our bodies, not just to prolong the pleasure but to become more aware of those sometimes exquisite places we guys tend to ignore, I know that the highest levels of sensation are found in the cock (hey, I’m a guy, I realize these things!).

It’s no secret (or at least it shouldn’t be) that we can dry stroke a lot longer than we can when our dicks are slippery; which is why we can jack off longer than we can fuck, by the way. But what if you wanted to stroke and stroke and stroke with a sloppy cock, one so dripping wet the lube was running down your nut sac? It can be done. It can be learned.

Years ago I had the opportunity to be under the tutelage of a very talented therapist –  licensed, by the way. He taught me how to use continuous, direct-cock stimulation for 30 minutes before blowing my load. How do I know I was capable of 30 minutes? He put me on a timer. That’s right; he set a timer. The first session he had me lie back and jack off dry – I wasn’t even allowed to put my own pre-cum to use – to see how long it would take. I made it a little more than ten minutes before my cock spewed. Once I was able to sustain stroking dry for 15 minutes, he allowed me to incorporate my pre-cum as best I could. Mmmm, I think I made it to eight minutes. Not good enough. When I was again able to sustain for ten, I was allowed to begin lubing up my hard-on. In session after session I was able to increase my time.

Each time I got close to shooting my load, if I hadn’t reached the session’s goal time, I was made to stop; back off – hands completely away from my body. I wasn’t permitted to touch my balls or my nipples, nothing, until my cock began to wilt. Then the clock was reset and I was instructed to start again. If my balls pulled up before the timer rang, I had to start over again. It was as simple an exercise as that. Each time I did achieve the goal, another five minutes was added to the clock until I was able to constantly stroke my fully lubed-up pecker for thirty minutes. It took about five months of twice-weekly, one to two-hour sessions, but I finally did it. It was a great way of learning some staying power.

I imagine that 30 minutes could be increased to anything you’d like it to be. If you want to be able to plow that pussy or fuck those tits, or do some major cock-to-cock sloppy frot, or mutual jacking off with some buds, without let-up and have it last, there’s your course of action. And, that is a class you’ll enjoy! I guarantee it.



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Queer Heaven said...

i learned long ago how to hold off my cumming for long periods. Sometimes I can edge for more than an hour if I feel like holding onto that great feeling that happens just seconds before you pop.

Westernstock said...

Thanks for sharing that experience. Keep on trying the tantric thing. good to know how far other guys get.

Eddie said...

Hot post! I've found I can get to 2 hours before blowing, with the aid of coconut oil, though I must admit that I feel totally high and kind of strung out when I go that long. The amazing thing, though, is that there are guys on Bateworld who claim they have gone considerably longer - somewhere around 12 hours.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between this technique and edging. Edging brings you up to the point of climax then you stop, then build it again then stop. And while this seems to be a part of the training for this technique it is quite different. This is about not ejaculating after a sustained and prolonged session. In a strange way I can almost feel the muscle relaxation requirements to achieve this. Almost exactly the reverse of when you really want to cum but aren't quite there. I think this is something I would like to explore.