Monday, February 13, 2012

Seeing Red

An astute reader asked if I might do a post about a fairly common occurrence. And the beauty of doing a post about this is that it gives you guys one more reason to wrap a hand around your pecker and enjoy. If you never jack off, chances are you’ll never notice this.

The issue is blood in the semen. Hematospermia. It happens. And, no, it doesn’t mean your cock is about to fall off or your balls are going to burst. But…it can be a cause for concern.

If you happen to notice traces of pink in your jizz, or bright red specks this is blood in your cumload. It could be caused by any number of things but it’s typically a broken blood vessel along the route your baby-batter takes on its way to freedom. And this is generally nothing to be concerned about.
This is magnified - but an excessive amount.

But if it continues, or if there are other symptoms present along with the traces of blood, such as lower back pain or testicular pain, there could be trouble in paradise.

As I’ve said before, guys (and ladies who like to stay informed), you need to be aware of what’s going on with your equipment. If you notice blood in your cum, check in again every few days. If you see an increased amount, or it persists for about a month or more, even amidst the absence of underlying conditions and other symptoms, medical attention is advised. Call your doctor for an appointment and get it checked out immediately. He’ll examine you. Yes, he’ll take good close look at your cock - if you pop a bit of wood, don't worry about it, it's not like he's never seen a stiff dick before, your balls, and your prostate. He may schedule you for a round of tests – maybe a scrotal ultrasound, a urine sample, he may even ask you to provide a semen sample (yes, that means you whack off into a bottle – and yes, doctors sometimes need to ask a guy to do this; if he does, don’t you dare go all Cindy Shy on his ass, just do it! The balls or life you save may be your own!!) for further analysis.

Just get more in the bottle than you splatter on his furniture!

Here’s a great, pretty simple and to-the-point, one page website for you to check out: BLOOD

Then, go ahead, go wrap a hand around your dick and check the results…



Never had this happen! But this post is giving me a hard-on! Fantastic images! Hot men! Great cocks! Lovely cum! WOW!

becca said...

lovely pictures as always and great information. hope you have a Happy Valentine Day