Friday, February 10, 2012

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Those are lyrics from The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) an old Simon and Garfunkle tune and so fitting for some of us. I say this because as I peruse some of my regular blog haunts I’m seeing a lot of videos posted. They’re fun to watch – particularly when the guy is stroking his dick ever so lovingly. But for the most part, they’re all pounding their fists up and down so rapidly their hands are a blur. They’re rushing through it as if there is someone lurking outside the room to discover them with their hard cocks in hand.

Now, as I’ve said in the past, I’m a guy, I understand the occasional need to pound one out as fast as possible. Maybe you’re trying to calm your nerves before a presentation and the big account hangs in the balance; you run to the men’s room, stand at the urinal or lock yourself in a stall, and beat your meat as furiously as possible so you won’t be late. Or, maybe you’re horny as fuck, your balls ache like a son-of-a-bitch, and you just want to get your rocks off so you can get on with your day. Or, your spouse/partner hates that you jack off and you have a very limited amount of time to cum before they get home. I get all that; really I do.

But, folks, I think maybe we all need to slow down a bit. This new technology age of instant gratification and lightning fast communication is putting us into an ever more rapid-fire quest for satisfaction in all areas of our lives. And we’re missing out on a lot. Like taking the time to enjoy what nature has given us.

What's your rush? Slow down. Take some time to enjoy yourself. Make it last. Sure, there are other things you could be doing besides kicking back with your dick in your hand and massaging those man-berries, but this is important too. It helps us to cope with the mental stress of daily living. Reducing that stress has all kinds of wonderful positive effects on our bodies.

Make yourself a promise; plan a date with your dick. Then stick to it. Spend an hour or so, doing nothing but reveling in the sensations of your body. Use long, luxurious, slow strokes – even as you know you’re reaching that ‘point of no return’ – deliberately keep it slow and enjoy every spasm and spurt as it rockets out splattering across your torso. Then lay there and bask in it for a while.

Then maybe go take a nice, long, post-cum piss.


Trainer Dick said...

Guy in first pic has a great erection, so stiff and upright, yum!


Love a long slow masturbation job. It is just so wonderful - edging is marvelous! Make it last! Then shoot your load!

Ruffy said...

Here Here, I couldn't agree more!!! Great post!

Rubio said...

Hi there. I always enjoy the blog. Couldn't agree more about slowing down. Jacking off with a friend always seems to help me slow down and enjoy it more, and to make sure my friend does too.

becca said...

i agree whether it's alone time yourself or simply things in life we all need to slow down and savor the moment.


whkattk said...

@ Trainer Dick - glad you liked it!
@ Sir Patrick - Exactly!
@ Ruffy - Thanks! And thanks for reading and commenting!
@ Rubio - Hm. How right you are - jerking off with a buddy always extends the pleasure.
@ becca - you're right, of course. We need to slow down in all our endeavors!

Eddie said...

And remember - the longer you edge, the more intense the orgasm when it finally happens, and you get more cum!