Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, now... CoreyJo and becca are the tops!! But, somehow, I knew the Ladies would shine and accomodate my request.

Here's their reward:

Now all you men best get busy and catch up!


CoreyJo said...

Shit!! They're gonna be busy wanking to your post!! Better put some lady bits up and threaten to hold off on cocks until the guys comply!! Hahaha!!!

Thanks love!


Anonymous said...

Hey lady bits wouldn't be such a bad thing CoreyJo


becca said...

i'm with Corey on this one she's right and thank you my darling if this is my reward for doing as i'm asked then please ask more of me i like the outcome. simply beautiful. thank you sweetie off to drool over my reward.



All these hot young men are doing something! I feel stirrings below! I can't help you with hetero problems as I've never had a heterosexual experience in my life. I've fantasised about a threesome, two men and a woman, but never experienced it!

whkattk said...

@ CoreyJo - LOL! Yeah, that'd get them to comply.

@ becca - You and CoreyJo just rock!