Friday, April 20, 2012

Should I?

Well, I've been unemployed for so long now, lying around the house naked, the wife is beginning to get nervous. She came home from work yesterday and announced a colleague related how her fiance had been in the same predicament. The guy is now pulling in an average of 12 grand per month - running a porn site of all amatuer film clips. So, my wife thinks I should set up a site. By the way, it's not the first time she's mentioned that I should get into the porn industry. At first she said I could rent out the house for porn shoots, then said I should get into directing films, then even went so far as to say I should go do a solo shoot to make some money. I'll admit as much as that particular thought intrigues me, I don't think I'm in a position to do that.

What do you think? Should I? If it contained Bi, Gay, and Straight features - what should I name the site? While you contemplate your answer(s), here are a few more tidbits from my collection of wood.


Westernstock said...

Getting into gay porn with the support of your wife sounds just fabulous!


These photos make me ache! I need to jack-off! Perhaps that's a name: "JACK-OFF MATERIAL"!

Have a great sexy weekend!

Amanda said...

Well, I have this thing for watching guys masturbate, so I may be biased here--but why not make it about your favorite activity, just like your blog is?

That is great that you have the support of your wife for such a venture. My boyfriend always says we should make amateur videos of our lovemaking to make money but I'm not sure if he's serious or kidding...

becca said...

if wife supports you in this and it makes you money to pay bills why not I mean as long as you are comfortable with it I say go for it. As a friend you have my support.


Queer Heaven said...

Go for it! Why not? You could give lessons and Dick advise while demonstrating it yourself. I, for one would enjoy watching you beat your meat.

TornJeans said...

Why not! But you hesitate so you have to be into it. Showing off. Jacking doing different things to make your site interesting. But if you love being naked and showing off, get turned on with others looking at you, go for it.

MaleDUDE DUDE said...

sounds good idea, but I would be very nervous of people sending amature clips of other people. You need to watch out for that and the litigous nature of your country sets you up there.

If you are doing the clip porn thing, there are alot of sites that run that so you will have some stiff competition.

I went on to look review sites of porn and there are alot of high quality running at 30 a month. so yeah I see where the money comes in, but gosh to build the unique videos up for that?!?!??.

If you wanted to do a porn site, you might want to think about trying your hand at it a bit differently, like for instance an interactive porn site, where you have viewers proposing sceniarios or what happens next, who gets to top, what does the delivery guy do next? stuff like that.

I don't think in the top 50 sites there was much interaction porn, beyond Chat room.

Just a proposal. Slow to grow, but you get the added advantage of capturing a longer than monthly market. you could even do stuff like, come down and direct.

hey its an idea!

Eddie said...

As for name, I think the name oughta contain the words "whack" or "bate".

There is quite a bit of competition out there. Have you considered at least talking to the guys who started Bateworld to see if it's even possible to make money? I understand one of them is an M.D., and that site has had a lot of birthing pangs, so I wonder if perhaps BW is being supported out of their savings until they get to a critical mass.