Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day?

If you've been following my blog for a while then you know yesterday was more than U.S. Tax Day. If you're new to the blog - and there have been quite a few new followers in the last 4 weeks - then here's your chance to catch up on the 15th of the month activity around here.

Yesterday was Buddy Ball Check Day. I hope you did your part!

Yes, Ladies, you can join in the fun too!

I hope everyone remembered to do that ball check. Then also made the effort to contact the males in your lives to remind them to do their own. Or you offered to drop by and check thier balls for them. If you do a literal Buddy Ball Check, I hope you accomplished that task before moving on to more fun activities.

If you have never done a ball check - check out past'll find a link to a YouTube video wherein a doctor shows a young man how to check his balls for signs of cancer and then he does a self exam for you.

In doing a TSE, remember the life you save may be your own! In following instructions for Buddy Ball Check you may save the life of someone important to you.


becca said...

I remembered so of course I offered a helping hand to hubby and of course he return the favor as it was also time for a self breast exam all in all a very nice day. "wink"


Usually check mine in the shower most mornings!!!!

whkattk said...

@ becca - now THAT'S what you call teamwork! Very smart = and lot's of fun besides!