Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Hard Honesty

Okay... I promised a follow-up to yesterday's post. But, before we start - You did your Ball Check, right? If you haven't, you drop those pants right now, Mister! Right now!! No cheating, now...

Done? Okay, good. Here's a reward...

Now... Over the past couple days, we've really established how much those boners mean to us. We live for them... We embrace them like no other phenomenon in our lives. And one of the keys to ensuring we keep getting those rock hard woodies is...(drum roll, please)...Testosterone. That bad-boy hormone that bathes us in the womb and makes us male in the first place, drowns us again during puberty - which makes everything grow larger, makes our nuts drop lower, and makes our dicks go stark-raving crazy for the next five or six years. It's important to our entire well-being: Sexual desire and satisfaction always top the list, but it contributes to other things as well. Like brain size and function, muscle tone, and...(drum roll again)...honesty. Honest!!

Yeah...brain function.

Muscle tone...oh, yeah!

And..."Let me be perfectly honest here..."
A recent study discovered that men dosed with extra T lied less than those without the extra boost. Why does it do this? Evidently, the  hormone works in the brain to produce and promote ethical behavior, cooperation with others; possibly reducing fear, causing you to be more resilient to stress and boosts confidence (well, we knew that one already).

Confidence? Yeah - he's got it.
He does too!

Want to boost your T levels without begging your doctor for a prescription? Try lowering your BMI (Body Mass Index) through weight loss and exercise; reduce your alchohol intake (oh, calm down now; nobody said give it up for cryin' out loud!); learn to relax, perhaps through meditation (yoga works well), mindfullness (I'd bet mindful masturbation would count here!) or aerobic exercise; sleep, because deep REM sleep is when most of the T supply is produced (go ahead, jack off fist - it'll help you fall asleep!).

Yoga helps you relax.
Mindfull masturbation might work, too.
Exercise - maybe a jog on the beach.

Sleep...naked, of course.
All this can help you to maintain one of these:


(This information has been brought to you, in part, by Dr Oz via his weekly column written in conjunction with Dr Roizen. We thank them for it!)

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