Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Permission to Jack

Our blogger buddy O!Daddie (free2b...) commented on yesterday's post that it would be difficult in many cases to get a wife to agree to such an arrangement. Indeed, it will be more than difficult in most cases.

The key, guys, is that should she agree - most likely reluctantly, at least at first - it will be extremely important for you to continue to give her the attention and love she deserves. You can't suddenly leave her at home, feeling ignored, unwanted, and unattractive. You can't suddenly begin to spend every Friday and Saturday night stroking cock with the guys.

 Jacking off with your buddies is a shared activity. Being with a spouse or partner is a relationship. You must treat them as such. The girlfriend, partner, or spouse does not want you to begin treating them as you do the guys you casually blow a load of jizz with. They don't want you busting nut and walking away! They want equal time and satisfaction and attention; they want a loving, understanding, equal partnership in life.

The guys don't want you treating them as you would a girlfriend, life partner, or spouse. They don't want you demanding things of them; they won't demand things of you. They're happy you've shown up, will appreciate the opportunity to share a good time, don't expect you to be responsible for them getting their rocks off.  They're just as happy stroking and watching you stroke.

They'll be happy to lend a hand, if you like.

Or have you wrap a fist around their pole.

And enjoy that blast of cum.

And hope you'll cum with them again sometime.

And they won't expect anything more of you. Your wife on the other hand will expect more, and rightfully so.


O!Daddie said...

Whk- Thanks for the honorable mention. Jack Buddies, Fk Buddies, Friends with Benefits are all great in theory but often lethal in practice unless everybody starts out and remains on the same page as to expectations. These are often short term relationships and someone often gets hurt in the end. Been there, done that too.

Along the same lines, guys who claim they have an 'open' relationship and permission to play are often full of crap. They have permission only in their own minds and will do just about anything to keep their partners and wives from finding out. Been there done that as well; not as the player, but rather, the PLAYED and it sucked.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is honesty and respect. If you cant agree with your wife or partner on what your mutual expectations of your relationship are, then maybe you shouldn't be in that particular relationship with that particular person.

I know many guys who thrive on the thrill of cheating, but ultimately there is a huge price to pay. Cheaters always wind up getting caught and many innocent people suffer. So gentlemen, since your pecker has no conscience, don't let it do your thinking for you.

G'nite Gracie...


Good advice again! great photos!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - Thanks for the inside scoop. You're right - honesty and respect will go a long, long way.

mike said...

Th first time I jerked with a buddie, was my younger brother. The next time was again with my brother and three of our friends. I think we all did this together maybe a total of 9 or 10 times. I think it all started n some sort of compatition thing between us. Like bigger penis, who cums the most, shoots the longest, etc. Im sure at one time or another each of us felt akward or strange for jerking together, until we got comfortable doing it together. We all agreeded our sessions were nothing more than getting off and watching eachother get off. I know we enjoyed our time jerking together by everyones reactions when one of us climaxed. We never wanted it to go further other than masturbating together. We also agreeded to just do ourselves. We just went into grabbing eachothers cocks. As long as we talked with eachother things never got out of control or got strange between us. After each jerk session it was like it never happened. We went on doing our own things. My life was fun in those teen years.