Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, it's much later than I usually get here to post. And I have a ton of things to get accomplished today, not the least of which is checking in at the Unemployment Office (ugh!). I've noticed that I have 2 collections which seem to be growing. To whittle them down, here's some from each.

Jack Buddies


 Proud Wood



AOM said...

SUPERB! I love your collections. Jack buddies are just the best buddies. : ) and Proud wood is perfection.I've been searching for proud wood pix because the attitude is one we should all feel as men. Hard and Proud with a roar. Have a super day, bud. Hugs, AOM


Great to have some jack buddies! We must always be proud of our erect cocks!

Amanda said...

Very nice!

I'm surprised of you, though! I figured you'd be the main person to mention that today is the first day of Movember--when many men (and women, in a way) grow moustaches in honor of men's health awareness. I've found different sources for when prostate cancer and testicular cancer awareness months are, but Movember seems to be a growing (pardon the pun) phenomenon.

Here's one source for you, friend, and Happy Movember!

whkattk said...

Amanda - Thank you!! You know I just heard about this for the very first time on our local news last night! And it is definitely worth posting about.