Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bent Wood (Again)

I knew there was a reason I haunted some of the on-line forum sites. Once again I witnessed lots of guys discusing their habit of sleeping with bottom clothing: Pajamas, briefs, boxers, sweats, even jock straps. And, once again, I was ranting about them endangering their most treasured body part: The Cock.

If you're new around here, you should be made aware I can get positively rabid about proper cock care. Here's what happens when you sleep: Your dick gets hard. That's right. Your dick gets raging, ramrod stiff. It has absolutely nothing to do with sex. It's the body's way of ensuring enough oxygen-rich blood reaches the tissue. It happens during waking hours too, but we can adjust the position when we're awake (see, Ladies, crotch-grabbing isn't always just for our own entertainment!).

But when we're asleep and Mini-me fills up to capacity, hard as the bedpost, we aren't consciously aware of it. Now, imagine your cock bones up while you're sleeping in those boxer shorts and it gets caught up in the material - trapped. Now you roll over on that raging boner... ***CRACK*** goes the Tunica (the sheath that surrounds the Cavernosum (the chambers which hold the blood). You may not feel it happen - chances are you won't feel it happen.

Yes, it'll heal all on it's own. And suddenly, your wood is as warped as a flood-ravaged 2x4 and pointing around corners. That's from the resultant scar tissue. In the medical world, it's called Peyronies. Sex can become painful and surgery is the only way it's going to get straightened out and point the way it should. (Oh, and by the way, the possibility exsists that when they do the surgery you could lose a bit of length.)

This is Peyronies (bent cock)

We're not talking about subtle curvature here, guys. No, a slight curve upward - or even to the left or right - is fairly common. We're talking bent; like this:

Don't let this happen to your favorite plaything in the world! Stop wearing anything below the waist when you sleep. Not even for a short nap! Strip yourself bare-assed naked! (Well, a t-shirt would be okay, if it's too short to cover your dick.) Besides, your cock and balls will appreciate the fresh air!

So you can wake up like this:

...a big straight-arrow boner to play with.


O!Daddie said...

something to consider.. though I dont think Im getting as much sleep time action as I used to in my younger days.

Whakattk- thanks so much for your positive comments on my blog. means SO MUCH to me. HUGZ!!! Jeff

NTS said...

I don't know about sleeping nude during the winter. Way too cold for me but once it starts warming up off come the shorts.


AOM said...

Always naked in bed here. Thanks for your great article and super hot pix. Have a great day by Friend. Hugs to you buddy. AOM


Great advice!

Anonymous said...

I sleep nude all the time. My partner however doesn't and suffers from Peyronies. He's now considering surgery to correct it and to help alleviate the pain. :(

whkattk said...

@ NTS - Wearing a t-shirt, or even a long-sleeved shirt during the cold winter months would be fine. The important thing is to ensure your cock is not confined.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I hope your partner will go for the surgery and get his dick back in proper shape. Then it must be up to you and his doctor(s) to ensure it doesn't happen again. Nag if you have to! Tell him how much you love his cock and want it to be in perfect shape for you to worship and him to enjoy!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - it's my pleasure, really. It's important for us bloggers to support one another. I know it helps me tremendously to get the coments and emails, too.

NTS said...

I'll try it out tonight. This is one of the things I don't like about the winter months. I don't like my shorts bunching up and twisting around but I have to deal with it.