Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh, yeah...

Well, it feels like a day to just slough off. Although... In the prostate series I failed to mention serious - I mean serious! - prostate infections. If one gets bad enough it can have a huge effect on your ability to cum. I speak from personal experience. I covered this in early posts but it's worth mentioning again.

I'd been having difficulty for several weeks. Diminished amounts of cum continued to dwindle. Then it got to the point I couldn't cum at all - not even the sensation of it. My cock got hard, but I couldn't achieve an orgasm. No how, no way. Not by hand jobs, or blow jobs or fucking my brains out; not even stroking. It was frustrating, it was painful. My wife finally insisted I see a doctor. Back in those days you didn't need a referral to see a specialist.

I told him my problem. He asked if I could cum by masturbating. Nope. I'd spent more than 3 hours the day before trying to pound one out. My cock was red and raw and sore. This guy bent me over the exam table, rolled his little stool up behind me... I felt one finger go in to prod at my prostate, then another joined the first... He began massaging it and my cock stood up hard as a fuckin' tree trunk. I figured, well I can pull my pants up before I turn around... Ha! Before I could protest, he pulled his fingers out, grabbed me, stood me up, turned me around and wrapped his hand around my cock. He stroked along it a few times and my cock exploded! And I do mean exploded. He milked it until it slowed to an ooze.

This poor guy got covered in jizz; the floor was spattered with it... It smelled awful and, of course, I was embarrassed as hell! He stood up, grabbed a bunch of paper towels and handed some off to me. I cleaned off my cock and the crack of my ass while he removed his lab coat and wiped off his neck and face. He washed his hands and apologized but said, "It needed to be done."


I got a prescription to clear up the massive infection and a lecture about how often I got my nuts off. "You need to supplement your sex by jacking off at least twice a week. I don't want to see you in here for this problem again."

I've followed his advice and haven't had a prostate infection since.

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Great advice! I've been there too, a long time ago.