Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Glorious Shot

I am running very late today. I plumb forgot about a breakfast seminar I'd signed up to attend. Naturally, I woke late and had to rush. I made it just as the speaker was being introduced. Whew...

Yesterday turned out to be quite special. I'd gotten so tired by mid-afternoon, I stripped down for a nap. And, though I'd gotten in plenty of stroking over the weekend, my cock popped up hard as the bedpost. Well, naturally... And it just got harder and harder and harder. Iron rod might be a good description. And I had the most glorious and forceful orgasm I'd experienced in a long, long time.


The spurts of my ejaculation burst out, splattering all over my torso. And it happened almost as if it was slow-motion. My shaft expanding, I felt each and every shot of cum as it gathered, and moved up through my cock. It was truly amazing. And after the floe stopped my boner stayed with me for the longest time.

I finally dropped off for a nap and woke with a semi-boner, the head of my cock still sensitive.


And my balls felt so good!!


Your French Patrick said...

LOL, fortunately that you are not Japanese and that you do not sleep on a futon, otherwise your cock would not have been able to pop up as hard as the bedpost.
It looks like my wishes of yesterday come true and thus I renew them by wishing you that the next time your cock will pop up as hard as marble to finish at the end of the week as hard as steel.
A lot of bisous, my very dear friend, for you and for your beloved fair-ground attraction.

Fluffy33 said...

I'm finding that my cock is getting that hard in the middle of the night - it actually wakes me up, thrusting itself against the bedsheets! Unfortunately, I'm not awake enough to take advantage of it, but it does feel good!!


Some people have all the luck! Thanks for your visits and comments! What did you think of the "shadow" dancer? Hugs, Patrick

Xersex said...

you should be happy with your sexuality and your erectile strength and the desire of your body to enjoy sex !!!

AOM said...

The wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Beautiful, bro! Wishing you a bonerific, jizztastic day! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

O!Daddie now at http:odaddie.tumblr.com/ said...

... Whew.. is it nap time yet??? ☺☺☺

jmorais said...


best post

good luck (^_^)

whkattk said...

@ LP - My liege, I loved him. Very, very clever lighting to pull that off.

whkattk said...

@ jamorais - Thanks! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

whkattk said...

@ fluffy - But you ARE enjoying it. The sensations of grinding it into the mattress are enjoyable - and serve to strengthen those boners even more.