Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back At It

It would appear the mystery may have been solved. Apparently - like our dicks and balls - the modem and router can both be affected by temperature. In the cold, they hide and don't want to play. As the temp in the room warms, the connection stabilizes. Is this possible???
From comments and emails about Monday's post it appears that some of you still do hide from your partners and spouses when you want (or need) to jack off. Especially the straight dudes. That's too bad... Because as a few others pointed out, playing with one's hard cock out in the open can lead to a lot of fun!









Over the weekend as my wife crawled into bed, almost an hour after me, she went to town. I didn't mind at all. Certainly the opposite has taken place plenty of times. I've slipped into bed and had my cock get hard...and jacked off. She doesn't mind at all.

If it's what you want - or need - at the time, and it's such a normal, natural thing, you should feel comfortable enough with your other half to enjoy yourself. Give your partner, or spouse, permission to do so.
Give yourself permission.


SickoRicko said...

Great post, great pix!

Your French Patrick said...

First, thank you for having updated the link on your blog to the new adress of my new blog, the previous one having been murdered by Tumblr on the eve of the day on which I was going to reach the 40,000 followers.

I am not truly in a "comment mood", but I was not possible that I miss to wish you a great day and to send you your daily bisous.

That said, I don't regret my visit. LOL, what a strange idea you had to put your modem and router in your deepfreezer? This result is obvious. Have you never heard something about the expansion and contraction of the materials? They may cause a contact failure or a poor contact.

Bisous again, my heart.

Xersex said...

I'll never get tired to say you how much you're lucky with such a wife! masturbating is fine, but I prefer much more to have sex with at least one guy, or more.

I love the cummed pics! the gif "b" is so precious! like a bottle of champagne!

enjoy my last posts

O!Daddie now at said...

Might it be time for an equipment upgrade?? I recently got (demanded) a new modem/router combo from my cable provider-the prior being at least 15 yrs old, and everything is fine so far.

Mark Greene said...

very interesting topic, however, when I'm ready to masturbate that is time i prefer to be by myself. Its more of a distraction when someone is there. even when they grab hold and stroke for me, Its not as pleasurable as when I do it manually. But hey, Different strokes for different folks ! Pun Intended :-)

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