Monday, October 27, 2014

Do You Hide?

Well, a much better connection this morning.
The weekend brought thoughts to mind about all the different ways men attempt to resolve their lack of sex issues - especially all the married straight dudes. A buddy posted to his Facebook page that he's on the toilet, comes a knock on the door, and his wife says, "When you're done masturbating, I need you to go to the store."
He denies it with, "I'm reading an article about Mars."
"Well, I can hear you beating on the Martian from out here in the hallway."

Obviously, his wife knows he jacks off - and, furthermore, it doesn't bother her. So, why, then, does he insist on denying it? Why hide in the bathroom? Why not be comfortable, kick back on the bed, and enjoy it?





Do you still feel the need to hide your masturbatory activity from your partner or spouse?
Or, are you both comfortable being open about it?
And, lastly, a new follower asks that I share his blog with you. Go. Enjoy.


Xersex said...

in my opinion, it's not so serious, have moments of solitude to enjoy in peace, jerking off. Sometimes we need to enjoy sex alone, or to stay simply alone.
obviously the phrase "When you're done masturbating, I need you to go to the store." makes me laugh!!!


You probably did not have a look at my Sunday post, but the first picture in the second set will be just what you want every father to do with his son! Please all is going well. Love the cock on #7! Love them all really. My next visit to hospital is 5th November - same specialist as did the hernia. With the warmer weather here at present, I'm letting my nudist leanings take charge. Hugs, Patrick

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, I love the "I can hear you beating on the Martian".
What does the NASA think about it?
Perhaps have you a reader working for the NASA who will answer.
Wishing you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

jlo said...

I gave up "hiding" from my wife long ago. Now I just do it when it feels right it is just a normal thing to do. Even my seventeen year old son has walked in on my jacking and just walked away like nothing was going on. Its natural and normal.

AOM said...

I don't have a partner to hide it from but I definitely want mine and his masturbatorial activities to be freely open. It is normal and natural- why hide it? I too, laughed at the wife's comments. LOL Openly stroking with you, bro. Hugs and strokes, AOM

O!Daddie now at said...

I tend to do mine 'home alone'.

SickoRicko said...

Jerry and I are completely open about jacking off.

Prospero said...

My boyfriend and I jerk off for each other all the time. Of course, we do plenty of other fun things, too but it's so hot to watch each other get ourselves off sometimes!