Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Really Good Friend

It is my birthday today. And, so, what shall I do... Hmmm. I shall read for a while, of course.
 And then let's see what comes to mind, shall we?
What are the chances of this


and then


resulting in


Now, a friend could drop by and bring me a gift
But a really good friend would drop by and
and maybe even



AOM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER! I got a mouth, tongue, and hands all waiting to pleasure you in most special ways on this most special day. Sure wish I could be there to deliver my gift in person! : ) I will be stroking and cumming with you in mind, body and spirit to celebrate your day. I'm already hard just thinking about it. Wishing you the very best all covered in jizz. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Your French Patrick said...

Happy birthday, "Dear Old Pal of Mine!"
I renew you my wishes of yesterday.

Sorry, but "Dear Old Pal of Mine!" is the title of a song written by the Lieutenant Gitz Ingraham Rice sung by the singer John McCormack, and that's why i cannot remove the word "Old", all the more than, if I am not wrong, "old", here, means "for a long time".

I see that you have a very busy schedule. But as it leaves you time enough to receive friends, I set off immediately. In the worst I shall arrive in your next dream, and I leave you the care of organizing it according in whatever way you please.

Hugs, cuddles and bisous, my dear friend.

Andrew Hunter said...

A very happy birthday to you! I hope you get all the presents you want! I must remember your ideas for presents as my birthday is coming up too! Happy Birthday dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

Very Happy Birthday. May all of your wishes cum true.

Mark Greene said...

Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday BIG DADDY!
Happy birthday to you !

So what are you gonna do?
Come on over and I'll give you your birthday spanking ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

"Happy Birthday" Buddy:)

I hope a f--k buddy comes over and helps you make your "nutting face" like the young man in Pic# 14.. and then he cleans you up. Now that would be a real nice B-day present:)


MANY! MANY! HAPPY RETURNS! Have a wonderful time. Well, it will probably be over by now! So I just hope all your wishes were granted. Good health and happiness in the year ahead. With much love, Patrick

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dude! From jimaustx in Austin, TX. ;)

Fluffy33 said...

Happy Birthday, I hope you have a blast!! Or several - it is a special day after all!!!

O!Daddie now at said...

"Old enough to know better…Young enough to still do it."

Happy birthday, good buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Pat. You have given me so many happy hands-on days with my hard little man.

And he's hard again, thanks to you. So I am giving him the attention he needs.


Anonymous said...

You are getting the same birthday present from your wife that I received last month for mine. Wow! Take those vitamins.