Wednesday, October 1, 2014

As It Was Meant

And, while we lounge around naked - where ever that may be - inevitably the cock awakens. As it should; as it was meant to do.


Whether we choose to take advantage and enjoy the pleasure it provides at that moment








or allow it to fall back to rest




That is totally up to us. This is the joy of being a man; the joy of being naked.


O!Daddie now at said...

Your men and boys are GLORIOUS!!

Your French Patrick said...

A quote of Taryn Brumfitt:

“Look over there, another woman with only one boob!” screamed the sarong-clad stranger standing next to me. I was puzzled and turned to her and asked, “What do you mean?” She pulled down her sarong and showed me her chest, on one side a breast, the other side a scar. I peered in the direction she had pointed, and another woman with a similar appearance was proudly walking out of the water. I watched as two complete strangers joyfully connected with one another. No words were required, just one look of recognition, a smile and then an embrace. I was in tears, a blubbering mess. It was the purest form of human connection, kindness, courage and love and a story was unfolding before my very eyes. In the course of one day my life has changed forever. I am a better human being. I have experienced more joy than I’ll ever be able to express. I didn’t get married, I didn’t save someone’s life, nor did I rescue a small animal. I simply took my clothes off and swam in the ocean with more than a thousand strangers.

That's all, folks!

Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...

My dear Phil, when I whish you a wondrous, a marvellous, a great, a wonderfull (and so on) day it's obviously about the next day, both because the day on which I write is nearly over and because it's on the next day that you read the comments.
And tomorrow is an extraordinary, a special day, and this time not because you'll have a new banner than this one featurind David Chase from Naked Sword, but, much more important, because it will be the day on wich you'll begin to be young since one year more than until now. We both know that the total has no importance as long as you remain young of spirit.
I dearly wish you, with all my heart and all my being, a wondrous and very very happy birthday, my beloved Pat, with all the hugs, the kisses, the bisous, the love that you can receive and need to keep up during one year more.


So many really hot men! Such lovely cocks! Yummy hot cum! GREAT! Thanks and hugs, Patrick

Queer Heaven said...

Your choice of Dicks today..has really out done yourself!

Xersex said...

hey' best wishes for your birthday!!!

I read here

you share the birthday with a great guy. soon some pics of him naked!!!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon cher, I thank you so much for remembering! I'm terrible with those types of things...

BTW - That is a beautiful quote. So well said, so lovingly realized that the human body is beautiful!

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Thank you so much, buddy! I appreciate it very much!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture selection! It was "hard" not to find one that didn't make me hard! LOL