Monday, November 23, 2015

Jacking Off Means Respect

I watched The Hunting Ground on CNN last evening. Very disturbing, but enlightening... The culture of college sports is severely broken when sexual assault is so easily swept aside. It's just one more reason why I agreed with Joycelyn Elders' statement that masturbation should be taught.
It should be taught, it should be encouraged. It's a convenient outlet for the levels of sexual energy in college-age men. If taught, it would become a satisfying outlet.
If taught it would become an acceptable, rather than laughable, alternative.
If taught, it might even lower the rates of sexual assault at colleges and universities. Most of these instances among frat boys and their partying are not about power or control - they are about rampant hormones, being drunk or high, and getting carried away.

Where things happen that one might come to regret
 And, yes, a guy can be the victim of sexual assault
Educating students about masturbation

should include and stress: Jacking off does not mean you are a loser.
Jacking off does not mean you cannot find a partner.


 Jacking off means you have respect for others
and respect for yourself.


A French Patrick said...

We are right, we shouldn't be joking of one who is jacking off, we should give him a helping hand. Except if it's about a friend named Jack who is off because in this case it is necessary to wait its return. And if Jack is blowing off, we should offer him a blow job.

More seriously, you are right, it must be taught, and that's part of a father's duty who want to be a true father fulfilling his indispensable responsibility and cooperating in bringing up the children. More exactly, he has to teach how to react in front of this situation. As regards the technical aspects, I am less sure. I discovered them by myself little by little, and I took pleasure to discover them and not only to ejaculate.

I wish you a wondrous Thanksgiving week, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.

Xersex said...


happy new week!


Another very good post! Masturbation is really so wrongly regarded by so many people. Great images too, as always! Yes! There are Southern Lights (Aurora Australis). Trust the dancers brought back happy memories! Hugs, Patrick

Anonymous said...

How and who would teach boys/men to masturbate?

SickoRicko said...

A long-ago co-worker told me he felt the world's grief was because of too much sexual frustration.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - A father should be teaching his son(s). Sadly, it doesn't happen...

Jean WM said...

Amazing, our Friends, French and Patrick, know us better than we do ourselves. Maybe because folks from the Old World have learned many things the hard way, and we are destined to make our own mistakes, the hard way too. Speaking of, Pat does a great job or making that happen for you guys. I always thought guys kind of stumbled on this on their own. You have to be taught?

We will give French President Hollande a most courteous welcome to the USA on Tuesday.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Guys do stumble upon masturbation...and it shouldn't be that we must wonder what the sensations are all about; worry that it's something to be kept secret, to hide. It would be SO much better for young guys to be taught what it is, what it's about, and how to get the most from it.