Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank You & Welcome

So many wonderful comments and emails during my absence! The virtual hugs were felt.

The trip was stressful, the actual service was dreadful - but I was truly, truly amazed at the number of people. Every seat was filled and people standing everywhere - a literal version of "wall to wall."  Outside, vehicles lined the street when the lot and grassed areas had filled to capacity. People who didn't know her, but had been at the scene or read about the accident, or heard about it on the news, came to offer their condolences and support. I thank each and every one of you for the loving support. It does my heart good.
It was like a giant group hug!
And I can't thank you enough!
Big Whack Attack blog jumped in Followers while I was away. A couple of them left messages, and sent emails to thank me for the blog. It's great to hear those kinds of things; it solidifies that what I do, what I write and you folks read, is useful.
A big Welcome to the new followers. I hope you all stick around. Wheels turn better with support
The folks here are the best. Always ready to be near for comfort
or encourage


supply a few laughs 
 and a helping hand



Xersex said...

you bet I comment every post of you, that's for sure.
If I don't put any comment, that can mean: I'm died or I'm very ill and unable to tell all my readers with a post I'll be away for some days.

A French Patrick said...

I am happy to learn the tribute which your young martyr received. I hate attending a funeral (alas, I shall have to be present for mine) but if that had not been so far I would have made an effort for your niece.
Rest well, my dear friend, and remain equal to yourself. Bisous, mon chéri.


So pleased that all went so well and that so many people showed their support for what your niece had done. Thanks for your visits and comments. I know that I get plenty of visits, but so few comments. Hugs across cyberspace, Patrick

Queer Heaven said...

so glad your weekend went well. As for you blog...always such an inspiration for all of us.

Studs said...

Wonderful & romantic photos, really... :) But, my favorite has to be the last photo since I really enjoy getting hand-BJ's.

And that photo is simply EVERYTHING. :)

AOM said...

Continued hugs and lots of love to you, brother. A wonderful celebration of a beautiful life - an inspiration to all. Wishing you a great day. Huggin' and Strokin you, bro. AOM

Not Alone said...

People here are good people...

Thanks, and hugs to you.