Friday, November 13, 2015

Bone Up

According to AARP, it might be time for a beer.
Bone Up With a Beer: A nice cold one isn't only may also help strengthen bones. As reported in the International Journal of Endocrinology, the barley and hops make beer a good source of mineral silicon, which is important for bone formation (no, not that bone - we'll get to that in a minute) and health. Even better? The type found in beer, orthosilicic acid is really easy for your bones to absorb.
Now, on to the kind of bone your minds went to. Sometimes, we guys get a bit anxious in our search for a partner. We've met someone and want a good tumble, but for some reason we get all choked up. We worry about rejection, we fumble around, and that can lead to a lack of "lead in the pencil." 

Yep, a drink - I repeat, a drink; as in one - can also help you relieve some anxiety on a first meeting, which in turn will enable you to get it up. Why not make it a beer and enjoy both benefits?











Some great cocks there as well as lots of great advice! Have a restful weekend.

A French Patrick said...

Today, it's the World Day of the Kindness, and it's kind of you to offer us a beer to celebrate it.
There are more than 550 trade marks of beer in Belgium. But there are also beers in nearly all the countries, even in a countries as unexpected as Madagascar. According to what you said about it, I try to imagine the result if we try them all. Apart from the fact to get fall-down drunk, I do not know. It is certainly an excellent beverage, but to consume in moderation.
I wish you a wondrous weekend, my heart, with a lot of bisous.

Poscript: Thanks for your support for my football team, the one that I share with AOM. Unless it's the reserve, I don't remember.

mistress maddie said...

I guess I know what ill be drinking this weekend. Have a good one!!!!

Jean WM said...

Since I am posting after the Paris attacks in the news, looks like our World Day of Kindness needs to continue tomorrow, and on.

I was there in January with the Charlie Hebdo attacks and will be there again next January. Pat your Blog is a respite from all the hate out there!

Xersex said...

alcohol for gives euphoria to someone, but makes me deeply sleepy. So, no aid!

Studs said...

If I started typing the numbers of guys I like...
It would be really long. Nice pic(k)s, man! :)

M2M said...

# 8
Man love to play a game of trick and treat with you and see if you got what it takes