Sunday, November 15, 2015


Nuts! More on your health from AARP
Squirrel Away Nuts: After the age of 50, our metabolism significantly slows. To avoid a future of an expanding waistline we need to eat less. It's tough. But, here's a tip that will help you consume less while giving your overall health a good boost: Fill a small container with almonds and carry it with you. When hunger pangs hit, much a handful of the nuts. Almonds are very low in calories (about 169 calories in 22 nuts) and they'll ease the empty feeling - and give you a bump of energy as well.
And, while we're on the subject of nuts - don't forget that today is the 15th of the month. And that means it's time for

Buddy Ball Check

Give your boys a good going over. Look for unusual texture, such as a hardening, or any lumps. If all feels right, you're good to go.

Maybe get your wife or girlfriend to do it for you
Or trade checking with a buddy

If you even suspect an oddness of form, unusual hardness, or lump, call your doctor and get it checked out!
(I'll bet most of you wouldn't hesitate if he was your doctor.)


Then reach out to all the men you know and urge them to do that TSE.


Remember, there is rarely any pain with cancer - which is why it's sometimes called the "silent killer." If your balls are sore and achy and you have not taken a hit to the groin, and know it's not a case of blue balls: Get them checked by your doctor!


hot guy with abs said...

Balls heaven. :)

Xersex said...

balls573.jpg is impressive!!!
for sure it's a desease!!!

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

SO pretty

Robert Pickett said...

Thanks for your great PSAs. You do a great service and there are some amazing balls in those pictures. Woof.