Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Education of Jacking Off

Our state is has been wrangling over comprehensive sex education and what that means and entails. Some believe it needs to include information on LGBTQ and should definitely include masturbation. A very large and vocal group of parents disagree. The problem with limiting sex education in schools because parents claim it should be left to them is: Parents don't teach it! And, when they do, they aren't thorough enough about it.
But, in all actuality, sex education could (and probably should) begin in Biology classes, where students are taught Anatomy. As blogger buddy SteveXS of All Natural & More points out, the penis is actually considered a "smooth muscle."

Smooth muscle is something we have no control over: The heart and intestines are smooth muscles - they function autonomously. Just as the penis does. And the information about the way it functions, and behaves, should be dispensed completely.
Masturbation needs more than a passing comment from a parent. Moms should be teaching their daughters. (I've seen more than one women's forum with the question, "Why do guys jerk off so much?") With the way hormones rage and brains of the male are wired, fathers should be teaching their sons more in-depth studies on the subject of their cocks.
Now, as funny as this clip from the TV show Weeds is - and shows how easy it really is to talk about it, and I applaud them for even broaching the subject - the subject deserves more thorough info
Guys do stumble upon it as they enter puberty. That is typically after the first wet dream...Then they wonder what the hell is going on down there, if there may be something wrong with them. If they don't have a father, 

or at least an older brother to teach them...


well they fumble around and get all kinds of misinformation.
As good friend and fellow blogger French Patrick suggested, maybe we don't need to be shown the actual mechanics,

but to have it explained, perhaps to be shown a video about it

 would be a great help and relief to the psyche.
It would allow us to accept it as natural and relax, 
 to take our time to discover all the wonderful sensations 

and, as the clip from Weeds points out, control.


A French Patrick said...

Where is the border between the sex education of the child and the incest? Or do you think that this border has not reason to exist. Personally it is of what I think, although I have never made and shall never make it. With an important limitation: that the child is major. I am against the violation of their consciousness by the imposition of a religion below age. I am it also as regards that of the body as long as the child is not in age to agree validly. What for the masturbation requires the absence of contact and of voyeurism, it must be a teaching only verbal. Having said this, the sexual majority is in 17yo in 7 states of the USA, 18yo in twelve states, and in 16yo years only in the rest of the USA. In France there is not a limitation for consenting relations between minors provided that one of them is at least fifteen years old, but all relations with a major one having an authority on them is forbidden before they are 18yo.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous.


Absolutely wonderful! Bot how many fathers/brothers will take notice of what you have recommended? Great pictures as always. Patrick

whkattk said...

@ MFP - This is why I personally would suggest, after a verbal discussion, a video - either via computer download, or the purchase of a DVD. There are some very well done instructional videos available. Then, of course, there is also the very wonderful Jackinworld.com for those who are not 18.

hot guy of the day said...

Yes, education is indeed very important. I'd like the top dude in photo #5 to educate me... If ya know what I mean. :D And one of the hot daddies, maybe, as well.

mistress maddie said...

It's a wonder I knew anything. My father didn't discuss anything with me. My half nephew and I, a few months apart, always jacked off together and experienced things together. I went gay and he found out he was straight!!! But the first time I came, I was scared to death and wondered what the hell was coming out. But when my nephew said it happened to him too, we figured it must be normal, so we showed each other, which started many sleep overs :) And let's not discuss high school. I help many boys realize they were straight...or at least bi!

SickoRicko said...

Great post!

Jean WM said...

I suspect with the internet so handy, i.e. Youtube, etc. the secrets are getting ready to spill. I see little guys 3 & 4 already downloading with ease (never give one your itunes password). All this that was mysterious to us will be information overload for them. (And not necessarily accurate.)

Xersex said...

very interesting post, and even more the comments here!

my parents and my schools have never taught me anything, but believe me: soon I learnt on my own by myself everything!

A French Patrick said...

Thank you, my friend. I have to say it is nothing less than that I would expect from you. Now, I say well now, it is clear, and it is preferable that there is no ambiguity on subjects so sensitive as that one. Otherwise the human nature is so made as the temptation exists to understand preferably what is nothing more than what we want to understand.
One well deserved extra bisou.

Fullmoonma said...

I've tried to teach masturbation techniques at gay summer camp, and other gatherings of gay men, and it's not easy to do effectively. Also been in sessions given by others, including the American master masturbator, Bruce Grether, and at the Body Electric school where I have learned a lot but it was clear that is wasn't work for others. The introvert/extravert divide explains part of this - introverts need to access inner erotic energy and extraverts need to share to make it work. A group always contains both personality types and instruction that works for one doesn't work for the other. Body image, cock image, comfort in displaying are other factors - I'm sure there are more. This is on the practical side of education and not the theoretical thread being discussed. I certainly agree teaching should be available, particularly for guys who are trying to understand the changes in their bodies in adolescence. Establishing a culture where peer instruction is OK is a goal, but hard to achieve in this country where sex is everywhere but usually hidden and shamed. Jackin World is a resource that looks good to me. I realize I've hit on another Myers-Briggs divide - the sensing vs. intuitive. I'm a big "sensor" so I see the problem as learning how to do it. Intuitives see a larger picture.

Fullmoonma said...

I suppose I should have also say that I consider my blog (How2bate) an educational effort on masturbation. Not sure how effective it is - each post gets a couple of hundred views, but the few scattered comments are usually about the pictures I use to illustrate the text - pictures often reblogged from here or blogs of the other commentors above.