Friday, April 14, 2017

Celebrate Renewal

Happy Friday. The weekend is upon us. For those of us whose schedules match to it, it's time to put the work-week behind us, shed our clothes, and do something fun. Celebrate renewal.

Gather with friends and enjoy life.

A couple of weeks ago, Jean sent an article from the Huffington Post regarding the beating of a gay couple in the Netherlands for holding hands. The amazing reaction of straight men is laudable.
Men in Muslim countries hold hands all the time. 43 is proof if that.
Here in the US...
With the latest affront in North Carolina, maybe it's time for men of all sexual orientations to walk hand-in-hand to show solidarity for equality.
We must reach a point where men showing affection is acceptable.




Have a Happy Easter, everyone. Don't eat too much


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 Have a wonderful weekend.


AOM said...

Amen! Preach it brother. Sure love those Easter treats you've found - MMMMM - Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

I visited the website of United Indecent Pleasures and they seem to have very tasty top-grade products.
According to the Urban Dictionary, the word "guns" means also "biceps", and in this case the upper-arm muscles are only somewhat higher than the hands.
And not, it is not a new theory of relativity.
I think that our Jewish friends are in the middle of Passover, even if the Seder feast is over, and I wish them an enjoyable holiday of Pesach.
It's with lots of bisous that I wish you a not less enjoyable weekend, my darlings Jean and Pat.

SickoRicko said...

Love the chocolate stuff!! Have a great weekend!

Jean WM said...

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to hatred, and these politicians in the Netherlands were demonstrating this by walking and holding hands. A number of them did this. It really was amazing, I can't imagine any two male politicians in the US doing that. We still have a long way to go. Pat this was a nice way to start the weekend, a bright spot. Hugs and bisous to you and French Patrick.

Mark Greene said...

You had me at release! Excellent post

Patrick said...

Yes! Hold hands, not guns! I love it when I see two guys parting and they kiss! Trust you are having a restful weekend!

Gabriel said...

If you have any of those tasty looking Easter goodies left over, please send them my way. Very mouth watering!

The statement about men holding guns vs. holding hands was one that really made me go "Wow, that is so true." I am not shy about being affectionate with my friends and family (appropriate of course). It does help that I live in a larger city and I do think it is more accepting. Awesome post!

Xersex said...

love the last three!!! hope you had a very nice weekend & Easter!