Friday, April 7, 2017

Men Don't Talk About...

Thank you everyone for the well-wishes. The appointment went...okay, I guess. This doctor admitted what I'd suspected: The Hyper-Retractile Testicles (my balls pulling up really hard - damn near crawling back up the inguinal canal from whence they descended) when I cum is definitely tied to the Muscular Dystrophy (M.D.). Which means there's nothing they can do to stop it.
There's blood in my urine.
We're checking for blood in my cum.
The varicocele is there - but not severe enough to warrant surgery yet. 
He suggests I wear a jock strap during flare-ups
The tweaking muscle spasms and cramps of the perineum (the root of my cock between the balls and the butt)
might be caused by the M.D., but because I have a history of Prostatitis,  it could be Interstitial Cystitis (IC). IC is a chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, mainly diagnosed in women. Lately, they've discovered more and more men to have this.... Why the disparity? Men don't talk about issues of the cock and/or balls, they avoid it even with their doctors!  


So, now what? More blood work. A CT scan of the torso and pelvic areas to make sure I have no cancer lurking anywhere. If not, then he'll be doing a scope of my bladder via a telescope run up through the cock. Under general anesthesia, thank goodness.
Anyway, it shall be an ongoing process to get to the bottom of things. But, at least this urologist is looking for solutions.

Many of you know that I lost a friend to Testicular Cancer. I thank fellow bloggers Treasure Trail and FlopsBoyReturns for joining the April Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign. Please, if you own/run a blog, join us in the fight against ball cancer. A weekly reminder to your readers would be so greatly appreciated. Here's

Balls, Episode 2

Have a great weekend.


mistress maddie said...

Well I guess no bad news is good news right? I will send you good vibes anyhow and a big wet one!!!!! Have a great weekend.

SickoRicko said...

So sorry to hear about what you're going through. I sure hope some answers are forthcoming. I with you well!

Patrick said...

So pleased that you have found a specialist who will continue to seek the cause of your problems. Wonderful photos as always! Try to have a restful weekend! I'm pushing the nudity thing a bit at present!

A French Patrick said...

I hoped better news at the same time that I feared that they were worst. They are between both, but it's really bad news. What amazes me, it is that he recommends nothing which allows to suffer from it less, or less often, such, maybe as a kind of abstinence.
But I understand very well how much it is difficult to admit it, and all the more to speak about it, and consequently my remark is not a question. I hope that you stay strong and keep your spirits high. The fact of feeling depressed would not be made to improve things.
Courage, my friend.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean & Pat.

Fullmoonma said...

It's so challenging to deal with the uncertainty of mis-performing body parts - trying to concentrate of feeling good about all the parts that still just fine. I hope that you're feeling somewhat better now that you have more information and a strong advocate!

Your penultimate picture reminded me of a forgotten urological consult. I was in college - struggling to love my curved cock. The doctor "examined" me until I was hard and then reassured me that it was fully functional and larger than most, which would be appreciated - an important milestone.

Anonymous said...

I detect a bit of concern about the bladder check. My uro has done it on me several times. Not too bad. He put some numbing gel into my urethera and after a time he snaked a small camera rod up my penis, passing by my prostate which has mostly been radiated, and then on into the bladder. He had an extra screen for me to watch and see what he saw. Rather surreal seeing the inside of you body live and sort of in color. The only discomfort was that his nurse was a female and I'm a bit sensitive about the size of junior but I got over it. So if you have the same exam I have it shouldn't be a big deal. I pray so and nothing bad will be found. Blessings and thanks for sharing so intimately.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thank you for sharing that. If he decides to do the scope with a local, I'm okay with that. And, it won't bother me to have a female nurse in there. The ultrasound last month was done by a woman who was more embarrassed than I was.