Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Old Guy's Tales

First, I want to thank Patrick (Men I've...) and Rick (Sicko Ricko's Crap) for jumping on the Balls campaign of April. I appreciate that. We really do need to bring balls out of the dark. If you have a blog, please help us spread the word. Saving even one life makes it worth it.
Then, Jean posed a great question in her comment yesterday. Do we have "Old Guy's Tales" like women have "Old Wive's Tales"? Well, yes we do.
Bigger is better.




After age 40, your cock quits working.

Straight guys won't look at other men's cocks


Masturbation makes you blind


and grows hair on the palms of your hands.


Of course, the hairy palm can't be verified 
because the hand is always wrapped around the cock. LOL.
What else do you have guys? Share them with us by leaving a comment.


Xersex said...

some dicks are so huge that I'm asking if some are photoshopped (#4 for example)

mistress maddie said...

Its not the size of the wand, but the magic in it.

Patrick said...

"Can I do it till I need glasses?" Great post! Thanks for your visits and comments! Autumn (Fall) is really arrived here - colder nights - less humidity!

A French Patrick said...

You wrote: "Masturbation makes you blind and grows hair on the palms of your hands."

The warning which is under the banner of my blog says "If you are too young, looking at this kinda shit will cause you to do dirty things to yourself and in turn will cause you to go blind, then your palms will sprout hair, and your balls will shrivel up & fall off. (LOL)" Obviously, I don't believe a single word of all that.

You say: "Of course, the hairy palm can't be verified because the hand is always wrapped around the cock." It's funny and so true, but the photo is that of the back of a hand.

I wish you a wondrous day, my darling Jean and Pat, by sending you lots of bisous.

Postscript: Forgive me if I have a little less time to devote to you for a while, because Chris has just learned that his father has a lung cancer.

SickoRicko said...

I think you pretty much covered them.

Jean WM said...

Now that you've got me thinking:

Hand/foot size. Remember little Marco?

No sex before big athletic event/Olympics.
Bald men have more sexual stamina due to higher testosterone.
Masturbation will ruin your ability to have sex.

The true one, use it or lose it!

Pat anf French Patrick, hugs to both.

whkattk said...

Some great ones, folks! But, I think Jean outdid you all!