Thursday, April 13, 2017

Get to Kow Your Balls

With 13 episodes to get through, I better get to posting them. Here's
Balls: Episode 3

I've covered this a few times. Testicular trauma isn't only painful - sometimes enough to make a guy vomit, or even black out - it can result in the loss of the damaged nut(s).

When we view scenes in films, or YouTube clips of guys taking a kick to the groin, we laugh. But, at the same time, we men are cupping ours in sympathy.
A few years back I had the opportunity to spend some time with two of my great-nephews. The oldest was 13, the younger was 10. They were roughhousing, which I didn't have an issue with, but then the younger one deliberately kicked his brother in the balls.
Oh, no, no, no. Uh-uh, not on my watch. "Don't ever kick a guy in the balls! It's not funny, it's fighting dirty, and it's just downright nasty."
Get to know your balls. They're delicate; arguably the most sensitive things on a man.

Play with them, caress them, massage them, stroke them, enjoy them...

but don't ever cause deliberate harm.
April is
Guys, if you run a blog, please join me in this campaign against Testicular Cancer!


SickoRicko said...

Balls can be a source of pleasure and, unfortunately, pain, if not handled properly.

AOM said...

Love the NutScapes - a very fun idea! Thanks for the great info - always check and protect your balls! I hope you are doing well and having fun, bro. Wishing you a great day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

mistress maddie said...

My ex used to love rolling my balls around with his one hands when we went to bed. They would relax him. They are pretty low hangers and larger. He called them his stress balls. Only problem....i usually got turned on, and that lead to sex. Never failed.

Patrick said...

Thank goodness I've never had any damage there! Great advice and wonderful "pictures" as always. Beautiful Autumn morning here - cool - but the sun is shining!

A French Patrick said...

I think that we had badly explained to the youngest, or that he badly understood, that "foot" more "ball" is not synonymous of football.
But, after all, myself I have never understood why you call soccer a game the rule of which forbids that we use our hands (goal excepted), and football the game that allows it.
Everybody can make mistakes. After all, myself I have never understood why you name soccer a game the rule of which forbids to use our hands (goalkeeper excepted), and you name football a game in which the hands play the main role.
Useless coincidence which explains nothing: the French word "main" is the English word for "hand".
That's something that those who understand understand... and those who don't, don't. As for me, I gave up.
Love, hugs and kisses, my darling Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Amen, you never know when a lesson taught like this will not be forgotten and passed on again one day. Hugs Pat and French Patrick

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon cheri, you always make me smile. Bisou!