Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Where You Want It

Young and virile. Slowly, age creeps up. 

Have you ever noticed that the older people get the warmer they like it? My own mother (now 96) wears a sweater in temps under 85F. It's a slowing of circulation. And, that is also why we men begin to have difficulty in the boner department. 






 "It may be a matter of blood flow" is not simply a slogan used to sell boner pills. Those videos of elderly folks sitting in chairs, moving arms and legs as exercise that we laughed at? Those exercises work to get the circulation pumped up. Stay active, keep moving, keep the blood pumping, and you may be surprised at how much easier it is to get it flowing where you want it to go.




SickoRicko said...

My mom is the same way about cold as yours. And I'm getting there!

Xersex said...

the best exercice for sex is sex itself!

mistress maddie said...

I knock on wood, no pun intended, that I haven't experienced this yet or boner issues for pushing 40.

Patrick said...

Of course that is true! But other things can also affect erections, as my second prostate surgery did. Up till then, even though I was getting older, I was still able to get a good, hard erection. It seemed that I had a high testosterone level. My doctor said, "Some guys half your age would be very happy with your level!" Thanks again for your visits and comments. It is interesting how the number of visits varies from day to day. Mine up overnight! Even got another comment overnight!

A French Patrick said...

Well, well, well, what you have so finely pointed out is, as ever, extremely shrewd observations, Master Pat!

To waste a lot of time dedicated to gymnastics a much less pleasant than to make love?
To metamorphose oneself straight away into a drug addict who gobbles serial aphrodisiac pills?
To waive quite all of the sexual practices?

Sorry, but all these choices tempt me so much that I do not know what to choose...
... after having rejected all of them.

But what else? It's an unfathomable mystery.

Hoping that you, you will not reject my best wishes and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.