Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Natural

As I was lying in bed last night (listening to the wife snore…Ugh!) my brain started to wander. As usual, it wandered to my stiffening prick which, of course, made it get all the harder. I love it when that happens. But, instead of the typical slow, steady stroking, it triggered this thought: I sure wish people could come to terms with the male anatomy.

I’m still dumbfounded when I notice someone who’s offended by it; especially when that person is a middle-aged, (supposedly) intelligent individual. This has been spinning through my brain since I saw an astonishing theater piece over the weekend. Six men, from early 20’s to mid-60’s, discuss men’s health and social issues; they talk openly about some (very) serious things like males as victims of rape and domestic abuse, various types of cancers that strike men, body image, circumcision, the fact [that] our cocks think for themselves, and, of course, whacking the willie; a lot of it done in amusing ways.

Anyway, I overhear these people behind me discussing why one patron’s friend walked out during the intermission. Apparently, this woman is extremely religious and had a problem with the content. It’s sad to think someone would prefer to keep a closed mind rather than (perhaps) learn a thing or two about the nature of a man’s body – which, if I’m not mistaken, her preacher has (almost) certainly sermonized about during services, proclaiming, “Man was created in His image.”

And it struck me: This is one of the reasons I write this blog. I want men and women – of all ages – to learn to be comfortable with the male anatomy and how it works, to know about the things that can go wrong with it. I want to impart to the guys that the things they experience, the urges they have, sometimes even the thoughts they have are not unique to them; they are not alone. And I want to impart to the ladies that the men in their lives are not perverts, the things their genitals do and the things they do with their genitals are not odd; for the most part, they’re normal “guy things.”

Perhaps it will change a few lives for the better. Women won’t be so quick to ridicule their man or become pouty when they’ve discovered him charming his one-eyed snake. Men won’t be so shy and embarrassed about what hangs between their legs and the pleasure those things provide. Parents won’t be so afraid to impart these facts to their sons, or at least won’t punish them or admonish them if the kid(s) stumbled across the joys of jacking his Johnson.


Anonymous said...

It takes time...


DeepBlue said...

It takes time??? 5 000 years is a little long, isn't it?

I like the smirk of the boy in the last pic as if he's saying: "Ok, and what do we do now?" ;)

CoreyJo said...

I've always been facinated with the male anatomy. At first it was because it was so different from the female form. Then as time went on I started to learn what it could do for me. I quickly became a selfish bitch, not caring about the mans body unless it could do something for me. Obviously as I matured I learned that if I made him feel as good as I was feeling that the overall experience was even better than before. Now that I'm done being selfish I've turned into one of those silly women who worships her mans body for itself, not what it can do for me. Ever since I started reading this blog I've become extremely curious about all of the little nuances of the male form that I'd never even noticed before. I notice & question things sometimes to the point of being told, by the Sailor, to (and I quote) "shit or get off the pot already". Thanks to you my friend I get the answers that I desire when the Sailor either is too busy to bother or simply doesn't know the answer. I for one am extremely greatful to you for all of the information about not only the male anatomy, but reasoning behind male behavior. Thanks to you I now know how to better please, and care for, my mans body & mind. Not to mention the many ideas you've given me, which the Sailor thanks you dearly for. ;)

Thank you for all that you do. I hope to never see the day in which this blog ends.

Huggs & Love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately, the people who need to read this blog, aren't. It's pretty clear that a significant proportion of human animals are irrational, selfish beings, incapable of even listening to (much less evaluating) points of view other than their own. On sexual matters, that is merely annoying. On bigger matters, like how we produce energy (i.e. by burning toxic shit), we're headed for the shitter.