Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Chronic Case

Some of you have been aware of my muscular dystrophy for a while, but yesterday's post may have taken some of the newer readers by surprise. It was diagnosed a bit over 5 years ago and I'd been dealing with the symptoms for almost that long before diagnosis. Mainly because it's such a rare form and so little is known about it. But, one of the symptoms is hyper-retractile testicles. When I cum, my balls pulled up so hard it caused them to ache for days.

The more the disease progressed, the worse things got. Along with the muscle cramps and twitches you'd expect from any form of MD, my balls started pulling up at more frequent intervals - not only when I shot my wad. There were times they would yank up so far, it felt like they were trying to crawl their way back inside the inguinal cavity; the cremaster muscles were being affected that often. And the achoring and suspensory ligaments of my cock started twitching and cramping - that may sound like a good thing, but believe me, it's not fun. Then my erections began to droop.

The doctor who finally discovered the root cause of my problems (through a very pricey blood test) is the one who also got into serious discussions about the entire package. The medication for the MD pretty much brought the nuts and cock ligaments under control - huge sigh of relief - and we began talking about the firmness of my hard-ons.

He was also the first doctor to ever tell me a limp dick is an indication of a man's overall health. With a chronic, progressive disease such as this, it's important to keep the tissues as healthy and functioning for as long as possible. He encouraged me to get busy on my cock on a daily basis. Getting a hard-on provides a fresh supply of oxygen-rich blood; cumming helps to exercise the cremaster muscles.  Now, that was a sweet pill to swallow. Over time, my cock has rallied and it'll stand up damn near as hard as it did when I was a horny teenager. The strength of my geysers of cum has returned,too. (Last Friday night, the wife asked what was in my hair. In the bathroom mirror, much to my delight - I discovered splatters of dried jizz!)

A lot of men, when dealing with a chronic illness, lose the ability to get a full, strong boner. That, of course, can be depressing as hell. The depression then just makes things worse and the dick hangs there like some piece of useless string. If you deal with a chronic disease that has an affect on your pocket rocket, throw off the depression as best you can and get your rocks off as best you can. (Besides, it's a known fact that an ejaculation helps to relieve depression by the endorphins the brain releases when we cum.) The key here, then, is to not give up. Even if your flagpole can only rise to half staff, get it there. And get it there as often as you can find time for. This is one of those instances where the old adage "use it or lose it" is true. Don't give up on your dick. Exercise it every chance you get.


Queer Heaven said...

Yes sir! I will do those Dick exercises as often as possible.

Your french Patrick said...

Thanks for the link. It's kind of you.
Best friendly regards.

AOM said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You know you've got a team of guys wishing you the best. Wonderful information and VERY fun homework assignments. I will get on my cock exercises right away. Cheers, AOM


These guys certainly needed no encouragement to jack-off! Great post! Keep as well as you can, my friend.