Thursday, June 28, 2012


Big Whack Attack is the featured blog on Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs. You may have noticed their Counter of Shame on a number of blogs you frequent. If you own a male photo oriented blog and you don't have their blog listed in your sidebar, go get the code and add them.

I think these guys are responsible for Blogger getting their act together when it comes to shutting down blogs. Several weeks ago I got a message from Blogger informing me someone had complained about my blog. I was given a chance to respond and, as you can see, I'm still here. This was a huge change from the last time when I logged on one day and found that BWA had been unceremoniously shut down.

You'll find the code here:

Support these guys... they deserve it! Plus, their feature blogs are pretty hot!


AOM said...

Hey Congrats, Bud! That's cool. Yeah, those guys do a great service. Thanks for the super hot pix. Cheers, AOM

becca said...



So pleased that you have survived that threat! Another very hot post! So many fantastic men and cocks! Thanks!

Queer Heaven said...

thanks for the advice! hope you are planning a hot and sexy weekend!