Monday, June 18, 2012

Wrapping It Up

A while back, I mentioned in a post that there's a right way to put on a condom and a Faithful Reader asked if I would expound on that. With pleasure!

In a recent study in Canada researchers found that a staggering 94% of men make at least one error when attempting to roll on a rubber. 94%!! I'd be willing to bet it's not because they're more interested in hockey than sex... And, I'd be willing to bet, the rest of the contraceptive-using world wouldn't fare much better.

In addition to all the fun kinds, there are two types of wrappers for your cock: Latex and non-latex. Always have non-latex on hand just in case your partner is allergic to latex. And it might be good manners - not to mention considerate - to inquire before you rip the packaging open. There's nothing worse than developing an itchy, burning rash because of a reaction to latex... whether it's the penis, vagina, or anus.

The first rule is to always make sure it isn't too old. Yes, rubbers have a shelf life, so always check the date. And don't carry one around in your wallet for months on end, because the packaging can become damaged and the result can be an equally damaged condom; holes or tears, or it can dry out and crack.

Rule 2. Always pinch the air out of the tip before you unroll it down the shaft. Most condoms now have "reservoir tips" to capture and retain the bulk of your cum. If the tip is full of air, your cum will more readily be forced down the sides.

Rule 3. Because most men complain about the lack of feeling when wearing them, it's important to note you should be using a lubricant. Condoms increase friction during sex, which can make your cock feel dry and uncomfortable. WATER based lubes only boys!! In the above mentioned study, 63% didn't know to use a lube and 2% used an oil-based type! Oil based lubes will break down the latex.

Rule 4. Most men don't realize that they'll enjoy themselves much, much more if they put lubricant inside as well as on the outside. Doing this will allow the rubber to slide along the shaft more easily and make it feel more natural, too! Like you've drooled pre-cum for hours!!

Rule 5. Always put that sucker on BEFORE you put your stiff pecker anywhere near a bodily opening (pussy or ass). Even guys who don't leak pre-cum like a faucet still develop small amounts, which lubricate the urethra to nuetralize acids left behind from pissing and help to speed your seed through when you bust your nut.

Rule 6. Never, ever use a condom more than once. Yes, we know you young dudes can blow a huge load and keep right on going for another one. Do yourself and your partner a favor: Stop long enough to remove the jizz-filled one, clean off your dick, and put a fresh rubber on. Then you can go back to spewing another load, okay?

Finally, there's also a proper way to take one off after you've blown your load. Before your pole goes limp, pinch the condon with the fingers of one hand just under the head and tug gently as you roll up from the base of your dick. Put the used condom in a tissue and put it in the trash. (As someone who has worked in the infrastructure (water and sewer) business, I can tell you: Never flush used condoms down the toilet; they are not rapidly biodegradable, can catch in the sewer and eventually clog your pipes.)

Here's the link to a YouTube video. Miss Ladygasm demonstrates the correct way to put one on, using a dildo. Sorry, folks, I was hoping to find a video with a real man, with a real hard-on, doing a demo...

If anyone ever finds a video like that, please forward the link and I'll post it!

Just for giggles, here's a poster for you to print out for a handy reference. (If you've got  teen sons, maybe you want to give them a copy for their bedroom wall...give 'em a box of rubbers and tell 'em to go practice! LOL.)


Queer Heaven said...

Always good advice! And OMG great photos to go with it today!

AOM said...

I enjoy learning new things here. Super post and Very hot pix! Thanks. Cheers, AOM


YES! Great photos today! All that cum!