Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Bit Fun

Just thought since we all had such a busy, busy month of masturbation that I would lighten things up a bit for a change of pace. I'm proud of all my Faithful Readers for sticking with the program. I welcome the new Faithful Readers who've joined us in our celebration over the last month. I know for some of you it wasn't difficult at all to enjoy yourselves on a daily basis; stroking away and blasting the batter. But, I also know there are still some guys who find shame in admiting they enjoy their hard cocks. I hope through sticking with us here at Big Whack Attack they'll learn to accept the physiological truth: Our cocks can get hard at the drop of a hat, it's exactly what they were designed to do and there should be no shame in that at all. That it's normal for a man to enjoy the feeling of his hard-on and the pleasurable sensations derived from teasing it, stroking it, playing with it and find the same in the ultimate release when a shower of cum rains down on his torso.

There are a lot of guys who wouldn't even have to be asked!

Hang out in the right place and you'd have a line form.
We've all been there, haven't we guys?

Fatherly advice - but somehow still doesn't remedy the above.
New way to handle the morning boner - offer it up for breakfast!
Popular new urinal design in democratic restrooms.
We'd like to measure it to be sure.

We'll be the judge of that. Drop 'em!

Would tonight be too soon to test that theory?
Hey, yourself...

Can I get him for my backyard - with a perpetual boner!
June is officially Men's Health Month. It get's specific during the week of June 11 - 17. We'll get specific about health issues of your cock, balls, prostate, and, yes, even your pecs. For some who've been following since the very beginning of the blog, some of it may sound familiar...but, it's always a good idea to brush up on what your pecker is telling you - and, if you learn to pay attention, it will talk to you.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!




Thanks for May! It was a great month! Yes! Men's health is important! Testicular cancer! Prostate Cancer! I've had friends recently diagnosed with these! So let's make June a month for men's health.

whkattk said...

Thank you my liege!