Friday, June 22, 2012

Straight Mutual

Okay, I promise this will be the last post on this topic - at least for a while, anyway. But, it would seem it's a subject which crops up often on forum boards: gay guys wanting to know how to get a straight guy interested in a blowjob or a handjob.

I'm not sure why this fascination exists - maybe one of my Faithful Readers can explain it to me.

I've acknowledged and embraced my bisexuality for many years now. And I've never been one to think I had to hide my maleness; quite the contary, actually. I've always been comfortable being naked and I've never been embarrassed by what I've got, or how it behaves. And, since my military and college days, I've encouraged guys to shed their sense of shame over getting a hard-on and taming the beast when it rears up.

During my single days between marriages, I had a friend - straight as the year is long - camping out on my couch. It was only supposed to be for a few days and ended up lasting a few months. Suffice it to say there was trouble in his married paradise. They eventually worked it out and he moved back home. But, early on in the separation, in his anger and frustration, he spent damn near every Fri & Sat night in the clubs trying to get laid. Unfortunately, his cool guy act wasn't so cool. He'd come stumbling in, kinda wasted, horny as a hound dog, bitching about how much his nuts ached and what bitches and cock-teases the women in those places were.

Well, me being me, I flat out told him to kick back on the couch and pound it out. He had hands, so why be miserable? He looked at me like I had two heads. Shit, the guy wouldn't even sleep naked for fear I'd come out in the morning and see his dick. Oh, for...

After about a month of this crap, I'd finally had enough. One night I had the vcr all set to go. As soon as I heard his car pull into the driveway, I dropped my briefs on the floor, sat down at one end of the couch, and hit the Play button. My cock sprang to life. I was slowly stroking it with one hand while my other hand teased my balls. The astonished look on his face when he stepped in the front door, bitching about his unrelenting horniness and how much his balls hurt, like they were going to fall off, was priceless!

Of course I feigned surprise at "getting caught" jerking off. I tried to cover my raging hard-on with a hand and apologized, said I hadn't heard his car, wasn't expecting him back so early. I half expected him to turn tail and run, but his attention was already on the TV screen, where some hot little redhead was getting titty-fucked while she shoved a finger up the guy's ass. His cock snaked down his pant leg in a hurry.

He stood there, mesmerised by the leaking cock sliding easily between those two pre-cum slicked up globes. His hand started groping his crotch. I went back to stroking and invited him to shed his pants and join me. He didn't say anything, but he heard me.

After a while I could see him stealing quick glances at my boner. Then the glances became looks and the looks became stares. I returned the favor and, the porn forgotten, we watched each other bust nut. While he sat there still stroking his waning boner, I grabbed another towel and tossed it to him. I turned off the vcr and TV, put the lube away, and came back to collect his cum-filled towel to drop it in the laundry. He smiled and said, "Thanks."

When I wandered out the next morning to make coffee, there he was snoring away, naked as the day he was born. I sat in my chair and waited for him to wake up. When he did - and realized he wasn't covered in any way and his cock was as hard as nails, the poor dude went into a panic. It may have been cruel of me, but I laughed.

He got pissed, of course. I said, "Jesus Christ, you sat here and jerked off with me last night and now you're worried I'm seeing your morning boner?" He relented - slowly. But that night, instead of going out, he asked if I had any more porn.

I like to think our jacking off together - and, yes, eventually we got into mutual cock play - may have had a hand (no pun intended) in saving this dude's marriage. I mean, after all, he was relieving his aching balls at home instead of going out and getting caught up in a situation which could have dealt the death blow to the relationship with his wife.

So, anyway, for the gay dudes who are always trying to figure out how to get the straight guys interested in a little fun: What makes your cock spring to life and beg for attention? Porn. That's usually all it takes to get a man horny, hard, and wanting to get his nuts off.



Great hot photos! Have a hot sexy weekend!

AOM said...

Great story with a wonderful moral. It has always made sense to me, that guys should have fun with guys. Like I said yesterday, Fun is fun, we don't have label it. We all love to get our nut off so why not help each other out. I've had the same experience. Pop in some porn and out pops the cocks. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, AOM

Eddie said...

Enjoyed that story. BTW, once he had started sleeping nude, did you tell him that it's better for his equipment?

whkattk said...
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whkattk said...

@ Eddie - I gave him that sermon the first morning I came out and saw his boner straining against his briefs. It didn't do any good. When he relented with the covers, I asked him, "Now, can you admit it's at least more comfortable not having your boner penned up like it had been?" He grinned and nodded.