Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little Vacation

Hmmm. The wife is taking an extra couple days off and I think we might take a much needed trip to escape. So...  Mix it up and have some fun!

If you fuck it - you eat it!

This is my kind of Casual Friday!

Oh, who hasn't done this?

Hanging out at the park waiting for a nibble.

All tied up and nowhere to go

Great wall art - or custom condom molds?

New form of sunblock

Who could resist that sad face?

It's SO true
Hey Bro! Dad left you a message!

Bouncing balls anyone?

Uh-huh. We knew that. We've seen ya
The three stages of jacking off.

I'd like to see him prove it

Have a great fours days and I'll be back on Monday.



Enjoy your trip!

Rex said...

amazing post

Westernstock said...

I like your casual Friday!

Justin said...

Great sense of humour mate. Great post.

NTS said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

The melon guy is hot!

becca said...

enjoy your trip